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Thread: Already know the answer, just dont want to hear it

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    Already know the answer, just dont want to hear it

    well of course it always starts off with "there's this girl". we met several years ago and ever since then we have become good friends. Eventually we became the best of friends and it was great. Up until about a few months ago, I started to develop feelings for her. I think the both of us, kind of felt like something was there, but since we were such good friends, nothing ever happened.

    Well I eventually made a move and we kissed back in march. Just a little history, she got out of a long relationship and doesn't feel that if she were to get into another relationship, she would remain faithful. Since we've kissed, I guess you can say we've remain the friends with benefits. She hasn't dated or seen anyone else. But at the same time it's been a secret from all of our friends. Yeah i know it sounds bad already. So now my feelings have been growing more and more for her. I do really want to be exclusive and she is starting to realize it. But her problem like i said before is that, she is afraid when it comes to relationships, she won't remain faithful. We have been doing everything as a couple for the last few months, and now we are going to have "the talk" The talk is about how i am starting to develop more feelings for her and she's afraid that I will get too attached and get hurt. I guess I already know my answer. I guess she wants to separate a little and spend less time together. It's so hard to say things, like lets spend less time together when you want to be with that person. Plus she's also my best friend.

    I do trust her, and i believe in everything she says. She's a very honest person. Now there's another guy who's popped into the picture. They are friends, but I think his intentions are different. She says that they are just friends and nothing else (not her type she says) I'm confused and I guess I just need to hear what I already know from someone else. From an outside party. I think that's all. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Platinum Member Mutley's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Sorry dude.

    I ain't gonna say what you already know.

    Good luck!!

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    Bronze Member XxxMUAHxxX's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    I think you should have a "talk" about what her true feelings are, no sugar coating. Maybe she is affraid. But if you would get together, and she does cheat, then just try to have enough respect for each other to not bicker... Or... just stay friends with benefits and just see where it goes. Sometimes peoples love grows strong by sneaking. Haha, that's awful I know.

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    Platinum Member PixelPusher's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    I think the biggest "huh?" for me is her comment that she doesn't think she could remain faithful. What does that mean? If she just wants to date around casually then she needs to say that. If she's ready for a relationship then she needs to say that.

    But to say that she just doesn't trust herself to remain faithful is kinda weird.


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    Oct 2008
    I think what she means by she does not think she can remain faithful is she still has feeling for her ex and she is leaving the door open for reconciliation. So she rather date around than get serious with anyone else..


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