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Thread: Men who like transsexuals?

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    Oh god, this is the best forum Iíve ever seen in my life, and believe me Iíve read lot of sexual and QA forums, I signed in just to be able to post, but so far this is the first one I see with actual people like me, that thinks just like me and fears just like me. Iím afraid I can never say this aloud and never before had the courage to write it down either. My terms might (really possible) be outdated, out casted, offensive or even naÔve, English is not my primary language so please mind me. This could be a long post, donít feel obligated to read it; Iím sure Iíll be fine just by posting it.

    My story might be more common than what I think, but since I was a kid Iíve been heavily exposed to sex in many ways, at nearly 5 year old I was already playing with my best friend to touch his penis and even once tried to kiss it, I donít know where all that came from at the time, but since then until I was 10 or so years old I had a couple older (not much teenager at most, all males) neighbors I played with in a way a male (or female for that matter) shouldnít be playing. After that you might think that I was abused (I know all that stuff about that it doesnít matter if I was not force, that I didnít know better etc etc) but I donít feel that way. I jumped from that to see my own parents having sex through a hole in a wall, and I thought that was sexy, got into porn at 12 years old, yes I know, you must be thinking Iím just f***** up by all that stuff, but by the time I got to college I was tired of porn (but never get to quit it, thatís another whole issue), tired of the regular ďHi, my name is <make up the sexiest-dummest-name ever>, letís f***!Ē of the regular porn movies and I was still a virginÖ god so much theory unapplied, I thought I knew so much about sex and never got the chance to actually do itÖ but I was a good kid, never had a girlfriend even when I wasnít bad looking or ďstupidĒ, just really shy. My early sex explorations leave me with a size complex, everybody was bigger than me so what can you expect? So I was shy and had low self esteem. Got to know actual sex at 19 years old, great, funny but not really fulfilling. My ex-girlfriend still claims that I taught her how to have an orgasm (she had like 6 or so sex partners before me and never had an orgasm) but I got one just once in a while. Same happened with my next girlfriend but this one I loved so much that I married her. I thought for a long time that I was gay, maybe bisexual but with time as well Iíve come to the conclusion that I donít really like men (masculinity), that I canít be in love with one, but still by seeing porn I realized that there was some sort of attraction to the penis of other men.

    I once read that men are in love of penises, they love their own penis and identify themselves with the penis of other men, just like in porn, when you are as interested in seeing penetration than naked bodies, this made sense and open a new way to see sexuality to me, that article may be wrong but it made sense to me, changed me.

    As LivingStone83 said, I love women, I just canít think of being in love with someone not feminine and as delicate, soft, charming, elegant and surreal (as ethereal) as a woman. But, this is the thing and Iíll be as generic as possible, I like how a man can look as beautiful as a woman that I just forget is a man, as well as something as exciting as seen a penis in the sexy body of a woman. I donít know if Iíd be willing to be penetrated but Iíve found that playing with my anus is exiting, I donít know if Iíd be able to do a fellatio or even touch it but Iím sure that in the heat of the moment Iíd be good game , I can identify with the idea of having a penis and filling pleasure, and I sure know how to handle one. If a guy thinks heís a woman trapped on a manís body, well, he might as well be a woman and thatís it, having a penis shouldnít have to be a reason not to be happy about who you are (dammit! there are theories on how much the women envy men for having one). Real beauty is something hard to come by and some of these ďwomenĒ are real stunning beauties and they feel they are as real as the genetic ones, so why bother!
    I feel better already, Iím sure Iíll never get to be with one as I love my wife dearly and sheíll die of shock just to hear about it, I donít feel like cheating and I would never do it behind her back. Iím almost 30 now and I donít have kids, but if I ever do I donít want them to live a life where being confuse is normal and not expressing what you feel is the right thing to do in order to not hurt the ones you love.

    I left a lot out, if I write all I think about this I would need a blog (with many subjects on it) not a post, Iíd like to talk (write) to other people and see what they like, their stories, I might never have one of my own but Iím sure Iíll enjoy hearing from others like me. Thatís it, thanks.

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    Gawen, Welcome to ENA! I am a bisexual female with serious attraction to transsexuals. I also love the femininity of a soft beautiful body and then to add a penis...that is just heaven! lol

    Do you and your wife roleplay any? Like her taking you anally with a strap on or a dildo? Anal licking, both giving and receiving for you both? Has she ever stroked your prostrate? You can have regualr sex with her and introduce a dildo, so that you both simulate the act of fellatio together while having sex. These are some things that you can do with your wife that may turn you on greatly.

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    Hi there,

    Well….. I came accross your post and honestly I too am/was I suppose confused as to why "straight" men like Trannies (a male turning female that still has the male penis). And I had to kill my confusion by "passing" for one. .yup, you heard right I did pass for one, how? I'll tell you. This is my 100% true story.. . This is where I will begin; I always knew of "bisexual" "Straight" only liking vagina, and "gay" to describe men who like either male or female sexually, or simply like vagina, or men-penis. Before I continue, please who ever reads this, I sure hope that I do not disrespect or offend anyone on here with the words that I choose to use. A little bit about me; I am an educated individual that minored in psychology and has always had a fascination on how we as humans think or define our sexual orientation or sexual identity from our childhood, adolescence to adulthood, or how we as humans think so differently about life, sex, gender, gender identity etc. . What I know from studying psychology and from reading on TGS is that of course they were born MALE and most TGS go through their life associating themselves as Female ( mentally), and nothing but. Growing older most TGS from what I understand either grow older with anger issues, become or continue to be bitter in life because god gave them a body that resembles a male or to be more specific god gave them a PENIS…. Which most TGS from what I hear find repulsive and of course don’t feel complete as a women. OKAY!!! I get that,, I really doo.. this being said,,,,,and before I go on any further did I mention I am a handsome gay male? I am 5'7, fit, smooth skin, and 26 yrs of age with little muscle not bulky but toned. Sorry had to through in the handsome part there and I will explain why I say this a little bit further ahead. So yes, I am 26 yrs old man and I am attracted to men and men only and have been “gay” or “out” for almost 6 yrs now. Through my life I've had many encounters with men, some defined themselves as “straight” but still slept with me , some even defined themselves “bisexual” and some simply “gay”. You name it, I’ve had it. I’ve even been in threesomes where I was with two "straight" people male and female, and the male in the threesome touched me sexually and me him, but I never touched the female sexually. Because I came to terms at the age of twenty that I was fooling myself in believing that I liked girls. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you that part of my teen yrs. I dated girls and even lost my virginity to a girl and even had sex with girls up until I met a very handsome boy that changed that for me. Okay, moving on, so basically I’ve been with a lot of men of course I always played safe during the encounters.

    Now, knowing my background.. where is the part where I too am/was confused with “straight” men that sleep with TGS with a penis? Well, today is March 24, 2010 and last year around September 2009 I met a boy on an online site- which is mostly a sex oriented site. This boy, with G.F, met me and he told me he did not like men, but liked to suck on the penis and liked to have anal sex- basically a "straight" man that liked to f me in the ass but he did not want to kiss me at all, and all he wanted was a blow job and wanted to * * * * me in the ass because his GF did not know how to SUCK a good Penis and he liked anal sex, which he mentioned that his GF did not like so therefore he found men to do that with..… I was like; okay, whatever you're hot let’s meet and we did, and had GREAT sex…. Well, this is where I learned after having sex with this man that he too slept with TGS’.. he said “ I am sorry I do not kiss, I am totally “straight” and like girls a lot and TGS or (Trannies as I know them)… and those are the only girls I kiss… Then I was like,, wait a second,,, hold up.. I thought,, uh, hello a tranny was a man and is a man cuz of his penis, but simply puts on girls clothes and lets’ his hair long and puts implants ( at times) … I was like, what really? Okay, so I let it go.. then he told me he was dating a TG and he had no desire to date a male like me but only have sex with me.… I then was even more confused! To the max! Because I see these TGs’ at gay clubs that I go to and I see how they hang out with us gay boys in those clubs. And never in straight clubs. So here I am thinking how can a straight male like trannies and date trannies and not call him/her a male or call himself "straight" when by what i know from my "straight" male friends is that they only like vagina and feel repulsed by the mention of penis or seeing one, yet alone touch one. ? I don’t get it and didn't get him how he thought. . SO… I did research… well,, guess what I did? Yup, I dressed up as a girl, became a cross dresser.. I got a hot mini skirt, panties, and everything that resembled a girl, you name it I got it, and even a wig, which stayed put on really good.. Very expensive wig that looked like real hair. Well, I got these clothes because my intentions were to post an ad on a web-site where men post or look for trannies… So I did, just that.. I posted on a tranny site and said I was a male going through the change and that I was looking for a man to have some fun with and I took some pictures of myself ( dressed) and posted them online and OMG, within minutes of posting I must have got like 100 plus emails from men wanting to meet me. Some, made comments to my real pictures, like; wow u have such a hot ass and hot body, can I cum suck ur penis, you are so hot girl what’s ur name baby? Etc.. .. they thought I was a “girl” in their mind I was that a MTF.

    Anyway, I decided to meet one super hot, hot, hot male model that I thought why not, I'll have him come over and I will dress just like in the pictures like a "girl" with a penis.. he never asked if I was a tranny or a CD to him he was looking for sex with someone that resembled a “girl” and as long as this "girl" had a penis it was okay to meet and have a sexual encounter with... I was nervous as heck talking to him, shaking even, as it were going to be my first time with a male. I gave him my address and I said what do I have to lose right? If he is not convinced I’m a "girl “then he will get the hell out of my place or once he knew I was a male with a penis he would feel repulsed- he couldn't be straight and he either might beat me or get the hell out of my place because he was "straight" he would feel disgusted being there. Oh, he even asked me while texting me, and while driving to my place if I was “passable” hell I did not know what that meant… So I said, sure… lol… anyway this boy shows up and he looked and me and said “GIRL you are so hot, OMG, those eyes, and that skin, flawless, what a pretty face you have sweetie".. At this point I was in shock; this super hot, hot, hot “straight male” was kissing me, jerking me, sucking me, eating my butt out as if I were a REAL girl… I couldn't dare say a word in fear of him hearing my male voice so I kept it low and I told myself there is no way he actually thinks that I am, no WAY…. Well he did! Here we are having amazing sex and even finished with us both cuming… when he left my place I was left so confused,, I said, W.T.F,, Did this really happen? This hot “straight man” really, he did think I was a tranny? A "Girl"??? he sucked me off and he had sex with me knowing my penis was there!!!! I was like no way he is "straight" what straight man sucks on penis.. come on!! Get out.!!! No way… so then I decide to post again two days after.. and again all the replies that came in every man said they were "straight", some said "curious", some were " totally, totally straight " this time I posted a sexy picture of my legs with hot female clothes and again,, , 100 plus emails came through like water running through the facet, I couldn’t even reply to them all they were so many.. MY god.. I kept saying to myself there is no way these men are “straight” can’t be, they must be in denial , bisexual, come on,, no way “straight” so here I was answering to these men,,, and even meeting these men, and each time I did I took that opportunity to pick their heads.. I found out a few things,, most told me that the only way they would suck a penis is if they looked like a “girl” but I said; girls don’t have a penis,, they have a vagina so ur “bi” most kept saying “NO” they didn't like men, so I told them I was a man and that I simple dressed up and put on fake boobs and make up and fake everything, they didn't care that I was a man and as long as I looked like a "girl" they enjoyed sucking a penis.. WOW...( all mental ) ..Anyway the longer I picked their mind this was my discovery; out of the 20 men I met as a "tranny" or "c.d" this with, all super hot, may I add… most of them had G.F, some were married, and all were “straight” some told me they were unhappy in their marriage, some had no father figure, some suffered from depression, some were hoarders, some were simply confused about their sexuality and the list goes on with my findings. I since stopped "passing" as a girl. The craziest thing though, and in my findings, were that only 2 men felt anger when I told them I was a man, they didn’t want to hear that and left my house right after angry for telling them that… .. To them I was “Samantha” ( my made up "girl" name and not “Carlos” they would not call me by my boy name.. at all.. out of those 20 men, they would keep coming back for more sex- BJ’s , anal sex, and I would always dress up for them each time we had sex- And i would continue to pick their head/mind even more by asking more questions. I kept finding new things each time.

    Most told me they would never date or go out with trannies and all they were to them was a fetish, a sex toy, a play object, something taboo , again, the most popular word they used was "A FETISH" which i found to be very rude… I asked if I was a fetish being a man that dressed as a girl and they said YES.. .. but from those 20 men , six of them were single and the rest married and or had G.Fs. They were lonely, they had failed marriages, had problems in their marriage or their family structure was unstable was what I gathered ever further. From those six men, which were super hot, model looks, all 6 of them would text me, call me, each time they got horny, and each time they were more curious than the first time.. It came to the point where they were not tops anymore they were the receiver ( bottom ) and I was the giver ( top) during anal sex.. we kissed, talked, hung out and even had amazing conversations during or after sex. Maybe they were lonely? I don't know. Some even wanted to wear my "girl" clothes and have sex that way as I the giver ( top) , some wanted to act out sex acts, like role play, car bj's, hooker scenes, sex that they couldn't normally do with their real biological girfriends or wifes.The list goes on.

    So,, here I am dressing up as a girl for these 20 men,,, I could have been able to sleep with more though, but I stopped, these men would suck my penis as a “girl” and even treated me as a "girl" during sex. They called me “baby” ,, “ sweetie” etc… we connected to say the least. So here goes the final twist, ready? From all these men that would come back to me for more sex, I slowly “revealed” my true self to them as “Carlos” a boy who likes boys …. Guess what? They all stayed except for two who got angry and left as soon as I started to reveal myself to them. And wanted to date me now AS A BOY!!!! They had no problem being with me sexually and treating me the same as "Samantha" (my girl name) we still had good sex but kinky sex,,,i would wear panties now, or simply girl clothing and they wanted me to be feminine acting…. Anyway, out of those six men that I now was seeing as a BOY and not a CD I ended up dated one boy who at the time I was seeing as a "girl" broke up with his G.F and now we are a couple. Now,, you tell me, could these men be suppressing their feelings sexually for men in regards to sex? I think so. My current boyfriend that was one of those 20 men that liked trannys told me several times that he slept with trannies, TG's/TS because he didn’t want to admit that he liked men and that being with a “female” with a penis it didn’t make him that "GAY" Bcuz to him sucking on a penis that looked like a girl wasn't being gay it was being with a "girl" and he was "straight". To conclude, in my FIRST hand research as being or passing for a “tranny” . , or "C.D" these men had no problem being with me as a girl and neither as a BOY. Bottom line, these men enjoyed the penis more than they did the vagina, they were in this for the penis, and as long as I had some girl clothes on it was okay... as long as they did not see me as a "boy" they were okay with being with me sexually. Bottom line from those 20 men I only connected fully mentally and sexually with one of them - he met me as a"girl" and then eventually as a "boy" and he liked me either way. He could have been bisexual to begin with but I believe most men on the sites looking for TG's are and not straight...and in denial of that factor. He told me at the time that he was "straight" and that he didn't find men or masculinity attractive at all. Now, here we are dating exclusively,,, maybe he was really "gay" or "bi" and he was suppressing his true feelings by calling himself "straight" ? I don't know, the point is that we are dating now as two men. And he was among the 20 men that considered himself "straight" and slept with TGS/TS/CD's.

    Anyway, sorry this is a long reply, but this is me telling you my 100% truthful story and my findings to the original question on this post.
    I am a gay male who too was confused about these "straight" men that sleep with trannies and I had to find out by "passing" as one and even talking fem and walking fem!?? (Because honestly I am not Fem, in fact very masculine acting boy) And my findings to this are explained above. These men after several encounters, sexual, they even had sex with me as a boy and they didn't care either way anymore. Crazy huh? With this conclusion I leave this forum...Sincerely, me, Carlos a 26 yr old gay male that is now in love and in relationship with a very good looking man that use to sleep with trannies. Sorry for this long reply, hope that any words that I used here doesn't offend anyone in the GLBT community, a community that I belong to and so very proud of. This is my first hand research to this Quetion above and my findings, and my outcome. Also, i am sorry for some typos or even the way this reply goes all over the place. I am at work and I've been multi-tasking all at once.. I am sorry for the messy, typos and structure. Sincerely, Carlos.
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    I am a dude who is attracted to transwomen. There's something very sexy about someone who WANTS to be a woman and wants to be treated like a woman. I love women of all kinds. So, Im not attracted to 'trannies' because they were born men, but because they want to become women. Nowadays so many average women act more and more like dudes less and less femenine. i think the vast majority of people have a degree of bisexuality but society tells us that its wrong to like the same sex so people that MOSTLY get turned on by the opposite sex identify as straight(ie. myself). those that predominantly like the same sex are pressured to turn off their small attraction to the opposite sex and identify as gay. but most of us i feel are minimally bisexual....like it or not. people that are attracted to transexuals express that bisexuality in a different way. And im deffinately not bisexual...like it or not....in the traditional sense because ive tried sex with a guy in my 'adult'(17) life and i found it to be quite boring devoid of something very important to me...feminity! I prefer sex with genetic girls because they're simply more attractive generally speaking, because they're born girls and things are natural. But the vagina is so matter-of-fact, ordained, what youre supposed to do nothing dirty about it, and most born-girls dont want anal sex which i prefer to give i must say. So yea, in conclusion, what makes 'trannies' sexy to me is their desire and will to be women and extra feminine, and in a more perverted sense the anal sex thing.


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    I understand

    If a guy likes trannies, and wants to perform oral on the tranny, get poked by the tranny, or touch the trannies 'male' part, that even makes sense to me.

    This confused me at 1st too (my bf who is exactly like this)! I do understand know because i am bi so i know how it feels it can be confusing. But if your not bi or gay you wouldnt understand.. I thought my bf was weird when he told me he wanted to do oral on a tranny and have 1 do him but doesnt want to F a tranny. But i rembered what my ex husband said " if i could suck my own d**k i would." And he is straight as can be.. So really how is wanting to suck a tranny off any diff then wanting to suck your own? LOL..

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    Ejaculations contain different things

    Hi Crystal..... I've just signed up to respond to you, so hi everyone else too. FYI I am a man who enjoys sex with transgendered women, ie women born men but who by the use of hormones have become feminine. I am not interested in sex with cross-dressers or drag queens; I would not want to have sex with someone who, when the clothes were off, was another man, since I am not interested in sexual relations with men. Naturally, given that, I only penetrate and would not have sex with someone who wanted to penetrate me. So I think I qualify, and perhaps I can help with the confusion.

    Why transsexual women rather than genetic women? Well in the first place it's definitely not exclusive. I am very happy indeed to have sex with genetic girls. Transgender girls are just a different take on it. I would reckon that of my sexual encounters less than ten per cent have been with trangender women. (Though the proportion is rising.)

    In the second place I really enjoy anal sex and the way it feels physically and psychologically. Not very many genetic girls like it. Of those who do, in my experience few can orgasm from it. Most pre-op t-girls absolutely love it and many come very heavily.

    More than that, like most men I am hugely visually responsive. I really enjoy watching my partner orgasm, and I can assure you that watching a beautiful woman ejaculate all over herself while I am deep inside her is a turn-on like no other. In this regard you might consider why g-girls who squirt when they come are regarded as highly sexually stimulating and increasingly appear in straight porn. Most g-women's orgasms are rather internalised, and one thing is for for sure--you can't fake an ejaculation. (Well maybe on film you can, but not in bed.)

    Of course until now I have been talking about pre-op TS women, ie those who still have a penis. The really interesting question is "What is so hot about a post-op TS?", ie one who has a vagina. The answer to that lies in the fact that sex is as much if not more psychological than physical and though my experience with post-op TS women is limited, I can assure you it is very, very stimulating for me, and is something I plan to do more of. The reasons why would take a lot more time than I have now, but go a long way to explain why I personally find t-women in general so hot.

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    Determining sexuality is complicated.

    The images displayed by mainstream media vilify it.

    I congratulate the folks with enough courage to admit to these things.

    Society has also become more accepting.
    I only know what I believe, the rest seems so absurd to me.
    -Ty Tabor

    << Django Reinhardt

    Dude how dare you compare female ejaculation to male ejaculation? Male ejaculation contains sperm which if allowed to come in contact with a female may mean that you have just * * * * ed someone's dad. Don't let the weight of the silicone implants and the cartons of syringes of hormones confuse you. We straight men know better.

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    First and foremost thank you to Crystal for starting this thread, and for all of the other people who have commented before me that made me feel comfortable enough to put my perspective out there.

    I started experimenting with transsexual women when I was in College, partially not even believing that such a thing was even possible. Moreso than anything, the initial curiosity of it all was what drove me to my first encounter. I've never had a problem with Women, and I was an athlete in College so there was never a shortage of them around. I've never been attracted to men, nor have I ever slept with a man. I'm also not attracted to CD's or TV's either, strictly women who look like women, dress like women, feel like women, and just happen to have a penis.

    The last relationship that I was in was the first that I ever felt comfortable enough to actually try and tell my GF about this attraction. Prior to that point, I had cheated on every woman that I had ever been with at least once with a transsexual woman. I consider the TS women that I've been with to be women, but I know that to the outside world, because they were born as men, they identify anything with a penis or having to do with a penis other than their own to be Gay.

    I think the hardest part of being a Man that's attracted to TS women is that very few people understand, and it's a gray area that's extremely undefined. If Men who like men are Gay, Women who like Women are Lesbian, Men and Women that like Men and Women are Bisexual, and then men who are attracted to TS women are ???

    I wouldn't even dream of trying to explain this attraction to some of my best friends because I know for a fact that they wouldn't understand and would consider me to be Bi or Gay completely ignoring the fact that I've never been with a man or that the TS woman that I may have just told them about would put every girlfriend in their entire life to shame.

    As with any other sexual orientation there are varying degrees of men who are attracted to TS women. Do I think that some men that are attracted to TS women may be inching towards Homosexual? Some, yes. Do I think that applies to me? Not at all.

    As I was sitting here reading this forum deciding whether or not I should respond, I came accross a website written by a TS woman who has gone through all phases of the attraction from starting out as a male admirer of TS women to transitioning into a TS herself. Her counterpoint to men who like TS women was extremely simple, but a pretty good one. It read "Guess which men are never sexually attracted to tranz-women? You guessed it: gay males. Why's that? Gay men are attracted to a great deal more than a penis. They feel most comfortable being intimate with a manly persona, touch, & smell. They're drawn by the very essence of masculinity. Ever seen an effeminate-type male in a gay promotional advertisement?" So at least there's a pretty reassuring thought for those of us who aren't "repressing some sort of latent homosexuality"

    Reading that as well as the other people who have shared their stories and experiences on this message board has definitely helped me start the process of coming to terms with myself. Hopefully it helps others, even if it's just knowing that there's someone else out there like them. Sorry that this was so long, I didn't realize how much I typed until I sat back and read it again.

    For those of you interested, here's the webpage that I was referring to:

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    Originally Posted by ishkabibble
    I think the hardest part of being a Man that's attracted to TS women is that very few people understand, and it's a gray area that's extremely undefined. If Men who like men are Gay, Women who like Women are Lesbian, Men and Women that like Men and Women are Bisexual, and then men who are attracted to TS women are ???
    Yeah, it must be hard for you. Far too many people label being attracted to transgendered people as the equivalent of being gay. It's not. I mean, I'm gay. I'm a male who identifies as a man and who is attracted to other men with male genitalia. This is entirely different from being a guy who is attracted to women with male genitalia.

    Clearly understanding the differences between sex, gender, and sexual orientation too often gets labeled as "politically correct". Ignoramuses would prefer to lump into all one category, but that really doesn't do justice to the situation.

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    I question why we define relationships mostly in terms of sexuality in the first place. A lot of gay men are feminine, and personally, I like that about them. Their gender is much more like a woman's than a man's, even though they have a male body, and that makes them gender variant, even if they aren't transsexual; even if they haven't gone through hormones or surgery.

    That gender variance is attractive to a lot of people, even if they don't typically like men.

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    I have an explanation

    I am a man that likes transexuals. They have to look like women, otherwise I am not interested. I find a mans body gross, and couldn't think of having sex with them. The thing about pre-op transexuals is that anal is the only option, I have a fetish for that so it makes perfect sense to me. Furthermore, pre-op transexuals have a penis so they actually understand its anatomy as well as what to do to make it feel good. If I met a woman born as a woman that only wanted anal and also was good at making my wiener feel good I would be as attracted to her as a transexual. I just don't have hang-ups about arbitrary things.

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