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He said he adores me;; but we're not going anywhere -

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I've been talking/texting with this boy for awhile now. There's been a lot of moments of flirting; and it's been a lot of fun. Well, last night I was talking to him and I was joking around with him and told him "I know you adore me ---"


Long story short -- he told me that he did adore me. But, he didn't want to get into any relationships right now;; because they suck. That he was focusing on his one true passion at the moment - and that music. So, I just joking around;; which was kind of true was like "And how full of ourselves are we --- I just wanted you to admit you adored me, I didn't say anything about a relationship" all he said was just that some girls are weird - that if he told them he adored them they'd think they had to get into a relationship or something ----



So, does this mean - like we both agree that we like each other; we just don't want to get into a relationship tomarrow;;; we could just hang out with each other, have a good time - and see where things go?


Or what was he implying?


ha thanks.

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Well it seems like he likes you, but he understands that relationships take focus and right now he's unwilling to go there. So you can either wait around for a very long time, or move on. If you really like him keep him as a friend but if you want a relationship than waiting is kind of out of the question. Not all of us are meant to be together.

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welcome to enotalone. I think you should take what he says at face value. it sounds like he is fond of you, just not enough to get into a relationship with you. Take him at his word. I think you would be best off if you stopped focusing on this guy, got out there and met new men, did your own hobbies. If he realizes he made a horrible mistake, he knows where to find you.

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Jetta had a great comment about relationships taking focus. They do that and time and effort. And he told you that he does not want to put in the time and effort to have a "relationship."


So, if you want to see him and keepo it light and easy, and show him some attention and appreciation, and then you withdraw, he will come looking for you. And soon he may want the relationship.

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