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talked to that girl....she was a little mad at me lol


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i snet her a late night text....and the i apologized for it in an email the next morning....


i said i hoped you are feeling better...... her response:


"I was sleeping…like I said and you never believed, I am sick. But thank you anyway "

(she seemed mad at me for that)


my response:


"didnt say i didnt believe you girl.........it just didnt feel good to feel disregarded when i actually was excited to have dinner with you.....and it seemed you werent interested because you didnt reschedule.......trust me jenn i did want to get to know after you convinced me how different you were from other girls......hopefully this was a misunderstanding and we are both just having a bad few weeks lately


wanna try again"



her response:

"yeah we can but for right now I need to worry about me, and I have been going thru some stuff and I just need to get my head straight"



that was yesterday.....we emailed a bit today


i called her around 530 she said she was about to tan and she would call me back...she did we talked for like 10 mins.......about how she doing she wa syapping about some ex drama and then telling me some good stuff about some modeling shes doing...asked me what i was doing and told me what she was doing........shes going out with some friends... she said call me later if you want......


i dont know what my next move should be if at all.....

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Yea, call her later.

If a woman hints at something, do it! Or you could lose it all hahah


Just call her and see how everythings going. Let her know, that even though things are tough, your there for her and you care about her. And if she needs anyone your there. Sometimes woman say they want to be alone and need to get things together. When really what they need is someone to understand and be there for them. Which, with some patience may turn into something great.


Hope that made some sense and helps out in some way.



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