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  1. Cute poem. Im amazed at how many women are so obsessed over these fantasy charactors. Teenagers, sure, but adults?? Come on! I guess there's no harm in it... unless youre the husband who has to listen to it, but I guess I just can't relate. Therefore it just seems ridiculous. And aren't these actors really young?
  2. Great pics floating away! What F stop range do you have? I need more range!
  3. LOVE the cupcakes shot. Looks professional AND delicious!!
  4. I just finished, "Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea". It seriously cracked me up. I need another funny book. Any suggestions?
  5. Check and see if there is a small business development center in your area. They mentored me, and it's all free.
  6. Here are a couple I like. Also took the one in my avatar. It's my fave
  7. If it's my husband (or in the past bf), I love it. If it was a guy I was dating or just getting to know, It wouldn't bother me, it would flatter me accually if I accidentaly noticed... BUT if he tried to get it all up on me to let me know he had it, that's another story. It's intrusive an dumb to assume Im okay with feeling it on me when we are just getting to know eachother.
  8. I returned to a very deciteful and dishonest partner. Yes, I regret it. I do believe in second chances, but not third or fourths.
  9. I see no problem with it. Just ask casually. No need to make a speech. I've said things like, "so, can I introduce you as my boyfriend?" or "Would you be interested in being exclusive? Cause personally, Im not interested in anyone else." I just don't see why you shouldn't ask. It's good to be open, right? If he runs away, than you have your answer and you've saved yourself time.
  10. Great thread! The computer is very dangerous when feeling full of emotions and wanting to let it out. There have been sooo many times I pushed "send" and immediately was like, Doh! So then I feel the need to send another one explaining the last, and on and on, regreting it every time.
  11. What???? Why not? Have you set boundries as to what crossing the line? I think its pretty selfish that he wants to indulge in other women and wont let you have any part in it.
  12. Despite the fact that it sounds like you two deserve eachother, I think the kiss is all your gonna get. She enjoyed the chase, was curious, and is now over it.
  13. Just wanted to repost this in case someone might have something to add.
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