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  1. Cute poem. Im amazed at how many women are so obsessed over these fantasy charactors. Teenagers, sure, but adults?? Come on! I guess there's no harm in it... unless youre the husband who has to listen to it, but I guess I just can't relate. Therefore it just seems ridiculous. And aren't these actors really young?
  2. Great pics floating away! What F stop range do you have? I need more range!
  3. LOVE the cupcakes shot. Looks professional AND delicious!!
  4. I just finished, "Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea". It seriously cracked me up. I need another funny book. Any suggestions?
  5. I agree with this! Don't disguise them. Find someone who is attracted to you the way you are.
  6. Check and see if there is a small business development center in your area. They mentored me, and it's all free.
  7. Here are a couple I like. Also took the one in my avatar. It's my fave
  8. Another advocate of lists!!! Make one the night before Wake up and drink some coffee as you get started Don't turn on the TV or computer Just keep moving and don't stop It will feel really good as you start checking things off. I love days like this.
  9. Ugh, Myspace. Can't you block her or something?
  10. I didn't intend for it to turn in to a relationship. He was in a bad place/situation, and I just wanted to be there for him. I had a strong desire to help him get through it and didn't care if it lead to anything. Now we're married. I have to say that a LOT of good came from the experience. 1: It taught me patience, in a major way. There's no instant gradification in an LDR 2: Our relationship did not revolve around the issue of sex. We simply couldn't have it. 3: Trust. It was/is all or nothing. The stress of distance was enough and we knew if we couldn't completely trust eachother, it would be too much. In a way I was forced to put it all on the line for our relationship. It was scary, but turned out to be a great feeling. 4: Distance is to communication what primer is to paint. It was good for us and prepared us for the easier part, communicating in person. Overall. It was a great learning experience and Id do it all over.
  11. Oh man... that's funny. heh. Not true for all guys, of coarse.
  12. "Emotional affairs aren't just about cyber sex. It's about sharing your intimate thoughts and feelings with someone who is not your partner. It's about having an emotional connection to someone, not just a physical one." Exactlly! I guess it's just a matter of whats really important to you, but an emotional affair would be harder fro me to deal with.
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