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I think she is dating someone, whats your opinion

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Well, this is going to be short and sweet. First, what is it about cell phones. Went out the other night with my friends (all females) and they were all on the phone talking or always text messaging someone when we were out having a good time bowling. It like, hey we are here to have fun and not wait for you to get off the phone everytime its your turn to bowl.


I went out with the ex and her friends. I had fun and I will admit it takes a lot to be friends with an ex. It has taken a lot of work and I realize that I am not the main guy in her life. Yes, I would like to get with her again, but I have told myself it wont happen since I feel she is dating someone else. She was checking her phone every 5 minutes and text messaging someone back, went away twice to talk on the phone. I think its really rude to do this. I have a phone, but when Im out, I dont check it every 5 minutes unless I am waiting for an important / emergency phone call, guess I am old fashioned.


Anyways, on the way home, she called this so called other person and talked to them. She is latin, so I couldnt understand the phone call, but she was talking to this person at 1:30 in the morning. At the end I heard her say either abrasos or besos which means hugs or kisses. So I think she is dating someone else and just was curious what your opinion was in regards to her always having to check her phone, grrrrrrrrr.


I realize that I am not in the picture anymore and yes, I will admit that I get jeolous, but she has her life and I have mine.

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I completely agree. I can't stand people that nurse their cellphones between texting and answering the phone whenever it rings/vibrates/plays some stupid ring tone etc.


I think this day and age cheating is way too easy, especially with texting. I like how people think other people don't notice. If you've ever dated or been in a relationship you know what I'm talking about.


I'm afraid all this texting is going to make people stop communicating with each other. Just imagine. Divorces someday will probably all be done and settled through text messaging! I can see this happening since many people break up via texting. In my opinion, that's lame and shows a lot about one's character.


Don't waste your time with her. She's obviously occupied with someone else and his needs. You don't have time for her games. Find yourself a woman that isn't so needy. There are plenty of them out there.

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What is it about a guy listening in on his ex's cell chat?

I suspect you need to let go.


I'm friends with my ex, too, but not too curious about her bf.


Sure, some people are rude with cell phones, but the ones who are discreet aren't noticed.

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If you think you are old fashioned about cell users and habits, then I should be wearing a corset and making butter! I hate the pretentious ring tones (I am so cool-NOTICE ME) and the fact that you ex made such a huge deal of leaving the group to make that oh so top secret call that she secretly wanted you to ask about....be yourself my friend, your girl is somewhere waiting for you....and she won't be chatting loudly on a cell phone in aisle 6!!!

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It sounds that your reason for being friends with her is in hopes to be with her again. Is she aware of this? I dont think a friendship will work unless the two of you are over the idea of being together. Im very good friends with my ex. Ive met his girlfriend and really like her. Theres no jealousy. If friendship is what you really want- than its probably gonna take some time for you to get over her first. If you want more than friendship, it is wrong to make her think you want only to be her friend. Friends are honest with eachother.

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While I agree that people can often be very rude about the use of their phones in social situations, and that it does sound as though the women you went out with that night were being pretty inconsiderate, I'm not sure that that's really the issue here.


Remaining friends after the breakdown of a romantic relationship with someone is inevitably fraught with difficulty, I can certainly believe you've had to work hard to maintain a friendly relationship. You say you realise that a reunion won't happen, that the relationship between you two is over and that you have separate lives to lead but I'm not sure whether you actually believe or have achieved acceptance of that yet.


You seem to contradict all of that by saying that you would still like to be with her, acknowledging you still have feelings of jealousy, and seeming to really care whether she's dating someone else or not (perhaps, being honest with yourself, her rude behaviour would not have bothered you as much otherwise?). It certainly looks as though you still have conflicted emotions about your relationship with your ex.

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