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Scratches... ;)

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Okay, my g/f tends to get really wild with me. She makes alot of noise and will make long scratches down my back.. I love it!


Like we live kinda far away and i won't see her for weeks at a time so they are like little reminders of her.. not that she isn't always on my mind anyway! So my question is.. is anyone else like this? I've never seen any other posts on the subject and was curious how other people feel on the subject. thanks!

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I've had two different ex's that scratched. One would scratch so bad I'd actually bleed. Sometimes bad enough that I'd throw a t-shirt on after and you could see where I had been scratched.


Personally I never thought I'd like it ... didn't really seem "my kinda' thing" but over time, with how much SHE enjoyed the sex and that was how she decided to express herself I grew to enjoy it.


I'd rather have someone scratch me or whatever (one of the scratchers was a biter too) then lay there like a log look bored.



... and Dako ... I've notice that lately too. Sometimes I feel alil outa' place

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