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  1. I look back at this today, only because I thought of her.. But one thing has definitely changed since Aug 6th, 2005.. I'm still whole, I still breathe, I still live, laugh, love, and remember. I still walk the same, talk the same, love the same if not harder and smarter, and I definitely thank God for the people around me, the people here, and the people who just merely smiled at me on those dreaded days through the journey of a break up.. I'm satisfied with the way I handled things. I hurt like hell, I wanted to wash everything clean. I wished I'd never met her, and I wished like hell something bad would pay her back. But what I really really wished for, was that I would be okay, and I did.. I'm glad for her, I'm glad for the learning, I'm glad she showed me alot of things in life and gave me the best lesson in growing up from something I thought was so tragic. Everyone who hurts, heals. It's part of life, and while you won't see it, and feel it now, and definitely can't understand it from someone telling it to you.. You eventually will feel at ease with everything and you won't ever be upset about it. After all, I'm still in my successful relationship after her, and she's single yet again in and up and down relationship that was plauged with cheating and lies.. Who got the greener side now? Stay strong everyone, because no matter WHAT takes place, and what happens, the good in everything will eventually shine through, and look forward to another day because it can ONLY get better and sweeter with time!
  2. Where has he been? I'm not getting my girlfriend anything for Valentines Day, simply because we discussed it before hand. We are saving up the money which would be spent on petty things, to put into our new place we're getting soon. But I still got her a card, and some flowers, and I made dinner reservations at a nice place.. He needs to wake up, but most of all, I would be embarrassED if my SO got me something and I didn't have anything, not even an excuse to give in return.
  3. I too got one in my e-mail the other day.. It seemed real, like someone really typed it out, and it was all spelled correct and from a gmail account. It had links and this and that in it. I've never been to a webcam site, I have however, been to a porn site, so I assume it could be from that, even though I've never entered my e-mail address to anything. I would tread carefully.
  4. Drop off his radar. Go out and find someone you can actually touch and be open and friendly with. If you dissappear from his view, and his ease of contact with you; he might realize what he lost. If he doesn't, then consider yourself lucky that you atleast cut it when things weren't nasty.
  5. robinn, I'd tread easy on your situation. It sounds like she's backing out on you the easy way. I've been there, TRUST ME! Be strong with it. wishiknew, Sounds good man. I'd just be sure you keep yourself in check during all of this and don't let your mind float away to what you wish was taking place.. But the fact your line of communication is open is great.
  6. Sounds like he's trying to work another angle somewhere to me... Plenty of times I've had a girl I was casually dating, or two/three girls I was seeing but wasn't sure who I wanted to be with.. One day I was fine with the one that was going good for me at the time. The second I felt like it wasn't good, or wasn't what I wanted, I'd go to the other and show more affection and desire than before. Do you have any reason to think he's interested in someone else? Do you guys spend a ton of time together? Generally things get stale, and he might feel like he can't do anything, without you being there? Maybe you should stop trying to pull this relationship together so much, and step back and allow him to show you what he wants. Let him express what he wants, and to be firm with it.. Ask him whats wrong, ask him to explain what his ideal situation is with you. Don't accuse, don't plead, and don't get upset when you ask this to him.. Just flat out ask him, what does he want, and if he doesn't know, tell him that you don't know how to just remain in this position while he plays around back and forth. Be stern with him, but don't push.. Decide from there if you want to work this out. You shouldn't have to tie it all together, it's a mutual thing after all.
  7. I agree with Grosse. If I had to use 1400 calories, I could pack in some amazing amounts of nutrients and vitamins that I needed. Who's to say you can't take supplements, and the like? People work off of results. People give up diets because of the slow progress, and the lack of "instant" gratification. If they drop their intake, increase their output and start eating much better. They will definitely feel better, and they will definitely see almost instantanious results.. Within a month, they will have dropped the water weight, as well as seeing some changes in their bodies. However, a lifestyle on a 1400 or less calorie diet wouldn't be good. I agree with that, but a 2000 calorie diet is only a honey bun away from 1400 calorie diets that are out there.. If someone was start and motivated, a low calorie diet would be ideal for the initial "shock" of the diet, to get motivated, to see results and to continue with it, and then leveling off into a lifestyle after some time.
  8. It's been worked on lately.. I've just withheld sex more. Instead of 3-4 times, it's down to 1-2 a week. It's fine enough for me at this point. The sex is good, and she's getting more and more open about things. I've just had to bite the bullet, and told her we both need to work on starting sex, that she doesn't need to always wait for me to do something.. because in the end we'll both go to bed upset. It's getting there.. Slowly.. Last week, we didn't have sex for over a week, and she stayed at my house atleast 3-4 times.. We didn't the other night because I passed out drunk from a party, and when we finally did, she mentioned she was curious how long it would take me to make a move. Kinda irritating to say the least, but I ignored it. Hopefully this changes if we move in..
  9. Drugs or not. Nothing is stable. You both need to have your OWN places to live, your OWN jobs away from each other... But then again, one could assume that under the situations you met( on a sex site) and the fact you both didn't lead a clean relationship.. You really just need to step back and give up for the time being. Relax and enjoy life for a second and then slowly try and see what she's wanting.
  10. Sounds like a mess- I hate to hear it. I think you need to remove yourself from the situation for the time being. You need to straighten yourself out before you can carry others. Thats something I've always tried to maintain in my life and something my father instilled in me very young. You and your SO aren't on anything stable. From what I read it seems like the both of you have had more jobs in that time than I can count on my fingers. You all moved over and over, back and forth, and on top of it all, you have family events that were significantly stressful to ANY family. It appears that you, nor your significant other have much of a solid footing, and a stress filled situation that is, super charged with even more stress from drugs, and family and friends and such.. it's a recipe for disaster! Bottomline is your trying to build a house on a rock. You need some stability in your life. A solid job, a solid place to live, a place to plant your roots and build from there. The in and out of each others lives is not good for the kid, nor for each of you. Her drug use, and lack of caring about the situation doesn't help. You need to decide if you can tolorate the abuse, and if so, perhaps helping her with it. It sounds like she doesn't know what she wants. Each of you should build yourselves back up. Give it some time and try and be positive about everything. Instead of whining to her, why not be productive and find a median of the conflict.
  11. I would. For someone wanting some severe weight loss, and some positive results, they need to eat healthy filling meals small in portions several times a day. Couple that with some aerobic workouts everyday, or every other day if you can't do it daily and you'll see results. Sure, it's not REALLY healthy to crash it hard like that, but jumpstarting it and then working back into a routine of 2000 cals and eating right and your workout regime you'll be set. Being over weight isn't any less healthy than going on a really low calorie diet.
  12. I agree with Anti-Love. Do I wish my ex girlfriend hadn't told me she kissed that guy when she was drunk? I certainly do. I think it put a tremendous strain on our relationship while it was in the early stages. Sure we loved each other enough to work through it, but it compounded my exisiting condition of being paranoid of things happening. It's a personal thing though. If you feel guilt about this, tell her, because you'll end up eating yourself away. If you don't think it's a big deal, and you learned from this, keep it to yourself. Lock it up in your memory bank, and eventually you'll forget it and nothing will cause friction.. I guess I'm a different breed of person. If my girlfriend kissed a guy accidentally, or something happened other than sex, I'd rather let it pass. No need to piss me off, and cause the relationship to crumble, because it's a self destructive path once it's started. A kiss is not a boulder that needs to be tossed down the hill.
  13. A 1000 calorie diet was bad for my ex. She took a pill that didn't make her always hungry. Eating left her satisfied. She also got B12 shots to make up for the lack of intake from her very low diet. She worked out, and stayed around 1000-1500 a day, and she just shed the weight off. It was quite unreal.. As far as keeping it off, like I said, she's changed her lifestyle, but I also know she's got other issues with her looks, and even though she's been approached to model, she still thinks she's fat, and hence the problem.
  14. I'd drop you like a hot rock for snooping... Regardless of the fact that his story doesn't add up, hacking in it wrong, and I wouldn't tell you the truth or a lie regardless of what you did. If your not comfortable with what was done, and you feel wronged by it, then it's cheating. There's nothing cut and dry. It's personal.
  15. I'm like your boyfriend. I'm about to be 22, and I'm extremely mature for my age in terms of having a house I own, several cars, a great job and such.. My girlfriend I feel like she sometimes pressures me to go that "extra mile". I don't see myself doing anything till 26-28 honestly. She knows that, even though she's older than me by only a year.. We are moving in together, but I'm not giving myself up to it all. I want to enjoy my time, as much as she does hers.. Keeping your lives separate, but closer is a smart thing to do. Don't feel pressured.. Sure, you might end up being the 55 year old with the 20 year old son/daughter, but atleast you won't be the unhappy 30 year old with a 3 year old kid who doesn't have a daddy because you rushed.
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