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Four months pregnant by friend, lover, who betrayed me


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Hello, I am a full-time junior in college, a single mother, and a paralegal. I have recently been placed in a horrible situation by the guy I have known for two years, that has me in a total state of shock. It took him 1yr and 6mo. before I would sleep with him. After going through all of the bonding, and courting. We made love, for the first time in April. My grandfather whom was also my father figure passed away in April as well. The emotional tie I had with the man I am pregnant by grew even stronger after I lost the most important person in my life. This man went as far as telling me he was going to adopt my two oldest sons. He was supposed to be going back in the military and I was going to be a military wife. I was willing to give up my goals for a while to follow his. Well, we had a heart-to-heart one evening, he told me he is married!!! Not only that, two weeks later he told me he has another woman pregnant (whom is not his wife). I was like, speechless to say the least. To this day, I go from okay, to being in a complete emotional rage with him. I contemplated not having this child just to get rid of him, it is so hard, I never want to see him again, and I am carrying his child. To think the man I loved and trusted could lie and betray so many people, not just me. He is currently still dating other women to top it off, now he feels as though he has "cleaned out his closet" he is being honest about everything else. For God's sake, this man is a real work of art. I am 15wks pregnant, he wont cut my grass, or help me with anything else. After my being so picky about men, I fell pregnant by the biggest looser. Go figure. I am keeping the baby, as soon as I give birth my boss is walking the child support motion over the the court. He will pay one way or another, and yes, I became quite the researcher, and called his house, and informed his wife I was pregnant. She didnt care, seems he has brought 3 other children into the world with other women since he has been married to her. Go figure

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Oh my god!!! I am sooo sorry you are going through that, it is terrible!!


I can't believe that he would put so much effort into your relationship and then hurt you so badly. That is apalling.


I am 4 months pregnant and have a lot of trouble with the father of my baby too, so you aren't alone. But honestly honey, this sucks.


Are you willing to raise this child without him? It sounds like you are already a strong single mother so I'm sure you have plenty of experience and will be okay, but it has to be so scary.


There are horrible people everywhere and it sucks that he hid under his "good guy" mask for so long. At least you do know and are not in the dark, so you can rid yourself of him sooner than later.


I wish you luck and keep your head up!

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Well, first things first here, regardless of the circumstances, you are going to be bringing a child into this world and that is a gift. Just because his dad was a piece of without any semblance of sense who you without , doesn't mean your son or daughter won't be an absolute gift to you...


Yeah, this guy and his wife, Webster doesn't have words for that...

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Oh, unbelievable. I am so sorry that you're going through this. What a tool that guy is, it's amazing that he could keep that mask on for such a long time. We're here for you, every step of the way! Including when you take that idiot for every penny he's worth - your baby WILL be taken care of!

Thank you sooo much, my family is very upset with me right now, it helps to have some support...

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Oh wow, that guy sounds like he has no respect for anyone not even himself. I am so sorry that your going through this.


Everythings gonna be alright, make sure you take him to court and get child support too!

You bet he has no respect, but I do have one advantage, I am at court all the time with my job, so I will prepare my own documents for child support. Thank you so much for responding...

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