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What internet dating sites do you use?

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Plenty of Fish might be good... it's all free. Don't have to buy a memberhip to connect with others. There's also on called Canadian Personals.ca (so depending where you are) and although you need to purchase a membership to contact others...if you're sneaky you can include your email addy somewhere in your profile. Sometimes they don't catch it to remove.

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I think internets sites are just another avenue to meet someone. They can work if the two people are honest and open about who they are and what they are seeking. Meeting the "right" person for you is not about where you meet them..it's about the communication and expectations you have when you DO meet.

If they work for females...then there has to be at least some males that find it working for them.

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Did you try link removed ?

It works for some.

From talking to friends and from my own personal experience, I think matching sites can be efficient helping you find a short-term relationship. I don't know, at least from talking to 5 friends who met thru online dating and got married, all marriages end up in divorce within 5 years.


I met a girl the other day who said she lived in Russia and claimed she was ready to pack the bags and live to meet me here in the US but she wanted me to pay the tickets. We kept the online communication for 5 months and she was already "in love with me", according to her words. All of sudden she stopped responding to my posts, perhaps she found someone else able to pay the flight tickets for her sooner.

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I have used internet dating sites with no luck, I would not bother paying to use them but I can honestly say I have met some very nice decent guys from these sites... the only reason nothing came off it was because they were not the right one for me.. it had nothing to do with them being sexual deviats, criminals or anything else like that.


I have a friend whose husband died of cancer approx 10 yrs ago. she commited her life to bringing up her 2 sons and daughter. She did ironing and cleaning to help put bread and milk on the table for her children and lived a very very clean life.


Her daughter decided to put her on rsvp (without her knowing) She got a reply and the daughter responded to the reply. Eventually the daughter had to tell mum what she had done and after lots of convincing.... mum decided to meet him.. They have been together for over 2 yrs now and very very happy and in love with each other.


another story...


My brother met the love of his life thru lavalife. they have also been together for nearly 2 yrs and now have a beautiful son.


I think that you need to have your guard up weather it be online, in a pub, at a park or wherever. Obviously, online, you dont know how old the person is, where they live or anything else and I have come accross many that are full of lies but there are also genuine men who do those sites because they are not into the pub and club scene. there are also the ones who are just looking for a one night stand as their is in the pub scene and other places

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~ one thing I would like to add to females who are thinking of using online dating.... I do not put up a real sexy looking pic of myself. I have had many men tell me I am attractive and I have had many men try and win me over for sex. I do have big boobs which men obviously love but I am careful to place the pic online that does not see me as sexy but an ordinary female as I want to be attracted to an ordinary decent guy.


Looking at some of the profiles and pics of many females who put their pic online, they are advertising their body so of course they will attract the wrong men.


If you are online dating for sex.. put up a sexy pic with your boobs hanging out and the short short short skirt on...


If you are looking for a decent guy, wear something that looks nice and attractive for the pic but dont "advertise sex" with your outfit

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Let's see... met my ex-fiancee online. lol THAT certainly didn't work out. Staved off looking for someone on the net for a few years.


Then decided, "Ah, what the heck? I'll just give this one site a try." I figured nothing would come of it, but why not? Sure enough, nothing came of it. We talked online for a week or so, then decided to meet. lol


*shakes head*


Don't get me wrong, she was a great person to talk to, very kind, smart and easy-going. But physically, I felt nothing. It was like having coffee with my sister (if I had one, that is).


So I think I'm off the whole net dating scene again for a few more years. lol

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Hmmm...I tried link removed awhile back. That can be fun and you can talk to all kinds of people. I didn't meet anyone from there though that I really connected with. I also tried eharmony. That's actually where I met the guy I'm currently seeing. I've heard good things about both sites.

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They work if you're a tall, handsome guy (in which case you won't NEED a dating site).


I'm 5'6" and very average looking. Back in the days when I posted my height in my profile, I NEVER got messages from women. Then I wised up and stopped revealing it. Whenever I managed to strike up a conversation with a woman, she'd ask "got a pic?" and "how tall are you?". After seeing my pic and height, she would tactfully end the conversation and never talk to me again.


Dating sites are hopeless.

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I'll say it again. Dating sites are a waste of freaking time IMO.


Since there are more women than men on these websites, girls can be really picky on who they choose. Furthermore, it's extremely difficult to attract a girl through your personality, since you can't convey body language online.


I wonder whether these people who love using online dating sites could attract a mate in a real life venue like a pub or a coffee shop.

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I think there's a lot of negativity towards dating sites.


It's no different from meeting people outside in person but you get to know more about the person's inside before seeing more of the physical trait. I was the same person like some of the posts above, didn't exactly consider myself that good looking, hid many things and was PICKY.


I was on eHarmony twice in the past, disappointed because I didn't get a lot of matches. Having to go through relationships outside the whole internet dating, I gave it another try but took a different approach.


I thought if the person I'm matched with on eHarmony is going to judge me based on looks, it'll save their time & my time so let them close me. But I also went into details about myself and what I was looking for exactly. When I initially joined again I got tons of matches which surprised me. But most either closed it or didn't respond...or their profile was very short & didn't know if the person was serious or not.


Then I got few interesting matches but find out the person is going through divorce, just broke with a b/f of five years, one woman who practices some devil religion...all that was NEVER mentioned and I'm supposed to feel good about it? No. There are things that you keep private & things you should be straight forward about.


After weeding through 80+ matches, I can only say just be yourself & there's a person out there for everyone & that one person could ultimately change your life forever.

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I met the person I am now dating online...his profile said he was an inch taller than he actually is...we are nearly the same height....I did not like his profile really...and he was sorta cute. When we met for coffee finally....coffee lasted three hours, then we went out to eat and talked for a few more hours. I am very smitten with him as of now..(here's hopin'! )I just think that if it clicks it clicks...if it is meant to be it will happen..the essential things that need to be there ,just have to be there..online or not.

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