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  1. Hmm. Maybe he thinks it's magic. (?) I know my son used to say that my soda tasted better than his. Sounds psychological...I wouldn't worry too much, unless there are other weird signs. If he starts wearing her dresses and mimicking her voice however....(like the Bates Hotel kinda thing) (joke there...) I wonder if his mom is aware that he is using HER toothbrush...not very sanitary.
  2. Congrats ! Isn't having a new little baby the best thing you have EVER experienced??? Focus on that right now. And take care of yourself, your hormones are going to go crazy over the next month. Do not let anything stress you out...even though the baby is on the outside he will still feel it from you. I am so happy for you both. Things will turn out. You will get through this garbage fine. Be strong.
  3. Yeah...protein after you lift helps "feed" and repair your muscles faster....also, if you are working on gaining weight, make sure you have some carbs before your workout so that your body isn't burning fat as well as building muscle. I am envious. I have fat to lose and muscle to build so I am supposed to be upping my protein but cutting my carbs. Also, in the protein shakes you can cut up friut and add natural peanut butter...it makes em tastier. I am proud of you for gaining weight the healthy way. I bet you feel great too. Oh yeah..and I have to do LOTS of cardio. (darnit) Keep it up !
  4. I grew up in an abusive foster home. My foster mother was beyond physically and emotionally abusive. All I can offer you for advice is to stay away from anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. Even if it is your own mother. I mean it. Take care.
  5. Yes agent...totally...this same jerk treated waitresses horribly, did not like or respect his own mother...and on one occasion made the female bartender so mad she wouldn't wait on us...and he thought he was funny. You can imagine how he treated me. My NEW man, my fiance'...spoils my cat...(she has an immense crush on him) and my dog brings him toys to throw. They both meet him at the door like they are happy to see him. I think animals are very perceptive judges of character. Children are too.
  6. For true. My kids couldn't stand him either..but they talk so he never messed with them. An animal is a dumb (meaning unable to speak) creature..so we have to "listen" to their behavior. Riley is clearly giving his mom signals that he is being abused. A person that can abuse a defenseless creature...animal, child, elderly person..someone weaker or smaller...is a warning sign that there are very deep character flaws or even mental illness.
  7. My ex boyfriend...who I lived with...teased my dog until my dog nipped his finger...then he hit the dog for nipping him and threw him off my bed (this was all in front of me...) It really woke me up to his true nature...he really did not know how to treat animals OR humans. He is gone but I still have my little shih-tzu Charlie. I think I made a very wise choice too....
  8. Um...sheesh...I would feel the same way. I have three kids..and a cat and a dog...my kids consider the dog and the cat siblings. If my fiance touched my animals that way...I would be apt to think that in my absense he could strike out at my kids too. Sounds like your dog is a pain..but like you said..he is your baby. I think it sounds like Riley needs training..and your fiance needs anger managment. I think you can keep both..perhaps talk to your guy and ask that alternate methods of discipline be used..no child or animal should be beaten.
  9. Yeah...sixteen to 20 weeks you feel it, at first you might think it's gas...but you feel a flutter...it is SO COOL ! I had three babies and I never tired of feeling them move. It is one of the best parts about being a female...is getting to experience life inside you. Congrats and take good care of the both of you !!!
  10. For me, I had changed...grown. He hadn't...couldn't-wouldn't. The person you are at 17 isn't the same person you become later. And...there is a certain point when you just tire of the constant fighting and battles...power struggles...so you just end the war.
  11. Vowing not to have other friends with benefits sounds like a commitment. Sounds like he is afraid to call it what it really is. Silly. I thought a friends with benefits situation was not really caring what the other person did, and just sleeping together without a commitment. Being exclusive friends with benefits sounds like an agreement....a relationship. Maybe I don't know all the rules.
  12. You situation reminds me of why I could never be involved with a "friends with benefits" situation. I tried. I thought a real relationship was just too dang hard and why not? But your confusion and his confusion is why not. There is really no benefit for some people. If you can be completely emotionally unattached I suppose a person could handle it. For me, it was sleeping over and then hearing another chick pounding on his front door at 7am. I shudder to think what the scene would have been if I had answered it. ((shudder))....but it made me realize that I did not want a friends with benefits
  13. If you aren't comfortable with it. Don't do it to please him. Nuff' said?
  14. Your post said that he was some lonely guy and she was "helping" him deal with his lonliness....is that her job? Even if she completely just likes him as a friend....HE will form the attachment to HER....and there you have rivalry...trouble....she should have just introduced him to someone ELSE, a single girfriend or some guy friends he could have started a business with...it seems they are leaning on each other which could naturally start things. Everyone can whine and scream that this might not be the case...but look at human nature and common sense. She says your past relationship is shadow
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