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I don't seem to have much of a problem making friends or calling up most other girls, but lately I've been meeting some of the girlfriends of my boyfriend's friends and exchanging numbers and I feel so so shy. I don't know why it is.


And I just feel weird, I think especially because I don't work with them or go to college with them, and have only hung out with them in the group once or twice.


I don't want to never call people I get on really good with either, plus it's weird like I'd be ignoring them or blowing them off and I don't want to do that.



Like I don't even know what to say. It's because I don't really *know* them, I've just hung with them with a group once or twice.. so I feel like a weirdo calling them like I've known them forever, know what I mean?


What do you do-- what do you say to not make it seem weird like "hey I'm calling you like I know you but really have only known you from one time..."


That kind of thing.




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What benefit has being shy ever given you? Zero, just call and have a good time. If someone gives you their number ,it means your invited to call them. So there's nothing to worry about, in the worst case scenario you'd throw the phone on the hook. In other words you'll live if it goes wrong, remember fear is a state of hell.


What is needed in life is not fear, nothing can grow from that ,

Cast off your fear!

Look forward!

Go forward!

Never stand still.

Retreat and you will age.

Hesitate and you will die.

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