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Are guys really naturally perverted?!

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This really rather depends on the individual. It's impossible to make such generalizations. For one thing, how the heck would you research it? Line up thousands of guys and ask them "roughly, how much do you think about sex every hour?"


Women posess as much capacity to be interested in sex as men. I know I for one think about it a lot, but if anyone thought about it every 10 seconds they wouldn't be able to hold any other train of thought, so it seems highly improbable as a statistic to be honest.

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it definitly depends on the indivdual, sex drive is based on how much testosterone you have floating around which i guess is why its assumed guys think about woohoo more.


i tend to think about sex loads the week before my period...bf loves it!


and a mans testosterone levels are at a peak about 9am and starts to decline during the rest of the day. set your alarm clocks ladies when your in the mood

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I've been told my my all-knowing uncle that men thinking about sex once every 10 seconds.. is this a myth? Does sex interest men more than women?



Who cares? Seriously...


And if women weren't interested in sex, then we wouldnt be here.



What really got me is, "perverted". Now, thinking about sex is perversion? Wow, for a second I felt stuck in the middle age.



Lets see, a dog, a spider, a cat, a whale, a seal, a bird, an elephant, etc. All of them have sex, and most of what the male do has to do with sex, or getting a partner... so...


Every animal is perverted!!!!



I don't know your personal background, but I know you are a human, and that means you are a product of sex.



What is what really bothers you so much about sex? What makes you think so negatively about one of the most natural and basic instincts? What is the source of so much rejection?

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just because as we get older we may find less time for sex, doesnt mean a man's thoughts dont wander onto that subject as well


The OP is not asking about "wandering on to the subject". He's talking about thinking about sex every 10 seconds. For most mature males every 10 minutes would probably be too much. The truth probably lies somewhere between there and daily.

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The culture definitely promotes it. Look at many TV shows. The guys are often horny sex-crazed horndogs. Reading ladies' magazines like Cosmo, you read about how guys think about sex all the time. And there are FAR more naughty guys magazines than naughty women's magazines!

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Ive heard the same thing it was a study in Maxim Magazine a while back, the same study found that women thought of sex every 6.5-7 seconds.


That is so BS!


Knowing MAXIM they probably misinterpreted the results which sounded more like "a woman thought of sex every 6.5-7 seconds". Find a large enough population to conduct your study and I'm pretty sure you can create a true hypothesis!


I'm a guy, yes I think about sex, I often am caught daydreaming about it. But I know it would ruin my life if I thought about it every 10 seconds!

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