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Started having dirty thoughts about my gf

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I've been talking with a girl who is a distance of 55 miles away on myspace now for 6 months, her personality matches mine exactly. We recently started dating and are now bf/gf and we're both very very happy. But now that i've been being close to her more i've started having dirty thoughts...and i wasnt before we met. I care for her so much omg. Everytime now i have a dirty thought, it is about her. Is it normal, should i tell her (no of course haha), i just need to know what to do how to react. Thanks

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Sorry to jump in unrelated, bt i added you to AIM,(im dregnought), and well basically it would be alot easier for me to talk to you more directly...


On the other hand... It really depends on how close and comfotable you 2 are with each other. To give best advice i need to know u better, hence above ^^.

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always depends on the girl if ur going to tell her, some girls will take it as a compliment because u obviously think she is attractive and some girls will think its gross because u fantasize about certain things with her. but if ur a little sexual or really sexualy active with her idd say she would take it as a compliment. and believe me its normal it always happens to me with my missus.

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Ok well we have met in person, the first time was for just 15 minutes cause she surprised me at work, the second time was our first date which was 10 hours long..got to hold her hand, put my arm around her, kiss her hand, cheek, hugged for 10 minutes straight, and got to kiss her 3 times before i left. So yeah after all that closeness after none its kinda easy to see why i would be having thoughts like that about her now. I'm 21, shes 18, we are both attractive individuals and both virgins, lol.

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We agreed our date was the perfect date, and the kisses pretty much killed all my nervousness, but then once i started having dirty thoughts about her i got nervous again, especially because i'm hanging out at her place for a while on saturday night when her parents arent home, and now i feel i'm gonna be nervous on if/when "lovemaking" shall occur, just like i was nervous about when our first kiss would occur. I have been so patient during the past 6 months and it has really paid off, and i shall continue to be, but when we hugged for 10 minutes we both said "it feels like i cant pull you close enough to me"...hence the thought of getting "even closer"....now she's in my thoughts everytime I masturbate now...

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If you have that good a time thinking of her, I think its cause you really like her. There's nothing wrong with that. It's only a potential problem if you try to do something more with her. If the two of you aren't ready for more, then you shouldn't go there. Thinking of it is ok, doing it is different. If you are feeing bad for these thoughts, you aren't ready to do more and should take things slow for now. Your hormones may be saying go for it, but its best to enjoy everything else.


Why do you think you feel this way? Is it that you haven't had feelings like this before, or this strong, and you are unsure of yourself? Or does this have something to do with what you've been taught and believe about sex?

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Your thoughts and feelings about your girlfriend are completely normal.


It's called lust.


I'm not saying lust is all there is to your relationship- because you seem to really genuinely like her too- but lust for your partner is a part of any healthy relationship.




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