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Has anyone seen my libido?


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Ahhh I recently had the same problem. I couldn't help it either. I just wasn't "in the mood".


Have patience. Get your boyfriend to try harder to get you there. Try to be in control of your sex life. If you feel in control you might rekindle your sex drive.


If he tries hard enough to get you in the mood, you will be You may not want to, but it's not like you don't enjoy it!

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I think you should start to find your lost sex drive before you have to find a lost boyfriend. There are decisions that you can make here - this is not a matter completely out of your control. Get help from a doctor and make sure that you let your boyfriend know that you are doing so and why. Putting a burden on him to solve this problem may not be a good idea.

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I am on the pill. I'll make an appointment with the doctor after Christmas, and make sure my diet is healthy in the meantime. It's reassuring to know it's a common problem!


yes, it is a VERY common problem. You may want to switch pills. Talk to your doctor. And talk to your bf, make sure he understands that it isn't him

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Yep.. The Pill did it for me too. Totally made me lose my LIBIDO. arrggh.

Haven't been on the pill in YEARS. Well.. found out we had fertility problems and whoooo hoooo.. no need for contraceptives. Hmmm Mixed blessing. Always have to find that silver lining. LOL.


Anyway, I'm at the point in my life where I NEED to do something again for contraceptives...and NOPE.. don't want to lose my LIBIDO... I just FOUND the darn thing again!!!


For you... Go to your Gyno and see about getting switched over. Diet/excerise and plenty of rest should help also.

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MISSJONES... You've hit the SEX KITTEN years... Aye.. somewhere in your 30's the libido comes to the forefront big time yeah! I've always considered myself a very sexual person but it's getting almost unbearable. My New Years resolution is to find myself a boyfriend to wear out ;-) At least I can get it whenever I want it
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A lowered sex drive could simple be a matter of stress. Contrary to what certain aspects of the media want us to believe, not everyone is in constant need of sex. Sometimes you just don't feel like sex and thats perfectly fine. There is way more to life and a successful, happy relationship then sex. Any guy should be understanding and just happy to be with the person he loves.

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Hillary... have you tried diet/exercise. Lower your sugar intake and up the protein. Women usually don't get enough protein. Get a good multi-vitamin. Drink lots of water. And hit the gym. Get plenty of rest.


I notice that when I go to the gym regularly and take care of myself. The happy hormones kick up a notch or two. You feel better about yourself and with the endorphins kicking in you libido perks up.


If your not eating properly, not getting rest, stressed etc. You tend to feel sluggish and your libido will drop.

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