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  1. Sounds like this grandfather simply is only concerned with himself... Honestly I would say something politely about it. Truth be told, I haven't said one darn thing to my guys parents, so instead my boyfriend gets the brunt of my rant about them. I don't suggest letting it get so bad as to say awful things about them to your guy. Yeah his grandpa sucks, but it's the grandpas issue annd your issue, not your guys. So theres a lesson I'm learning. Hey at least you aren't in a foreign state, relying completely on your guys, grandfather for transportation. It's hell.
  2. Tie him up to a bedframe, or handcuff him. Make him worship your feet, genatalia, breasts. Tease him by making him want a part of you so badly, but then not giving it to him just yet. You can always incorporate things such as leash's, collars, food, panties, porn, or things to excite the sense's such as melted wax, or ice. At first it feels weird and makes you want to just burst out laughing, yet surprisingly, it can really grow on you.
  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My boyfriend( whom I live with in our apartment... which his parents pay for) has the rudest parents I've ever met. They called my mother and proceeded to question her about my past sex life, accused my boyfriend of having a girlfriend thats supposedly tryin to get knocked up to steal money from their family, they refuse to speak any english in front of me( they are Romanian) and have said horrible things about me, right in front of me, but in another language. My suggestion to you, tell your boyfriend how you feel, and simply make arrangements for your guy to come see you instead of you seeing him. But thats the diplomatic way..... the way my heart suggests, is you tell the grandfather for yourself that he's doing things that you find displeasing, and you would like him to stop.
  4. I was on it..... wasn't fun. Don't go for the med's unless you are entirely sure you have no other options, because once you are on them, you really need to stick with it.
  5. Caldus, that anger you feel is something that many of us have felt in the past Best way to get rid of it, is realise they aren't right for you, and it's just their mistake to live with. Plus in most cases it leads to even better relationships.
  6. It's because in the past you had an issue with feeling that anything that didn't have philosophical meaning was pointless and that tends to repulse people due to them feeling like you aren't "broad" enough. Or at least this was so in the past. Just be open to new experiences, try not to pass judgement, and remember that you have to learn to make a fool of and laugh at yourself sometimes, because if you take yourself too seriousely, others just won't find you much fun to be with. So theres my two cents for an old friend.
  7. I think that would be his own personal insecurities concerning his social life, coming out then, wouldn't it? I know the man I'm moving in with, met the same way that one of my last boyfriends and I met.
  8. I remember one of my boyfriends was like that..... leave now.
  9. See that would upset me too, only because he expected a gift, but didn't want to return the favor. The problem isn't so much with the gift, as it is the thoughtfulness that he didn't show.
  10. Everything, requires discussion these days. I know sometimes it's not the funnest of things, but it helps strengthen your bond and it helps for you to be able to understand him far better, when he does something that irritates you.
  11. I think you two should have probably talked beforehand, concerning what you are both normally accustom to doing as far as presents go. My guess is he simply isn't used to doing presents. Now if other parts of the relationship show that he doesn't put in effort, then you have a problem.
  12. Don't worry, I am too. It makes it a pain in the behind for sex for a little while, I won't lie, but if your guys patient, and you understand that theres nothing wrong with you, then it'll all work out, don't worry Don't forget lots of lube.
  13. Don't forget, some people are just naturally, "extra small" whole wise. For a long time my guy and I thought sex would be completely impossible, and it took a lot of patience, but it will work for you eventually, don't worry.
  14. She could have easily just taken the missed BC pill as soon as she realised it, and then continued with her pill for that day as well. But since she didn't understand that apparently, she can not go back now and do that. My guess is that the infection and stress led to her missed period, and you can get a pregnancy test by going to any drug store. By the way, morning after pills should NOT be used so lightly.
  15. Most women do NOT bleed that amount when their hymen is torn though, so I genuinely believe this is just due to her period.
  16. Don't worry, it seems to be one of those things thats bound to happen to a couple at least once. As long as you didn't overreact, then I'd say good for you, for taking it so well. It can be quite embarrassing for the girl.
  17. 2. could quite possibly be a little painful, wouldn't it be better the other way around? You could always blindfold her, and have her try and guess by first the smell, and then the taste, what food she is eating? Or heck, making chocolate covered berries is always fun to do together. You'll both be hot from the stove, and you'll end up getting melted chocolate over each others hands. Thus making clean up, fun.
  18. I'm with Scout on this, regardless of whether dogs are people or not, they do still feel, and sense, and love.
  19. I thoroughly disagree. Dogs for the most part, don't attack unless they feel threatened or have been hurt, or are by nature or nuture, aggressive. Her dog is obviousely none of the such.
  20. Mine will lock them in a room for half an hour as a way of grounding them, but thats the worst he'll do.
  21. A week is when your good, but it may differ and be longer for some BC.
  22. Get your dog away from him! He treats his so well, but not yours? Thats ridiculous! I love my dogs more than life itself, my boyfriend never had dogs growing up, but the second one of my dogs doesn't feel well, my boyfriends right there petting them and telling him he loves them. So quite obviousely there are two very different ways of approaching a dog, and quite apparently your boyfriends doing it the wrong way.
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