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  1. He contacted me saying he hopes I'm ok and that it has been a difficult time for him. Also asking when I'm going to pick up my stuff. I haven't picked it up because I'm working abroad. What does it mean and what do I do?
  2. Day 15. Feeling so so. Could be worse could be better. Two days ago was terrible. My anxiety levels were through the roof. I wish he would want me back.
  3. Thanks very much Jobelle. It seems like we are similar in some ways. Of course you are right about the 8 years. It's 8 and a half actually. I agree with you about the timeline. I would take him back but only if he convinced me this is something he wanted after thinking about it. IN the past he always said it was something he wanted but he was quite vague about it. At first when I broke up he tried to convince me out of it and made more vague attempts at planning children or a way to be together. Yet he wasn't stopping me from taking a job abroad. Then when I broke up he seemed rather too res
  4. Thanks Jobelle. I can't deny that I hope he comes to his senses and begs me back. He has always said he wants marriage and children, just not now. So perhaps there is some hope of him changing his mind once he loses me. My fear now is that I pushed him away by saying it was over, it's too late, I'm moving on etc. Perhaps I should have said I was moving on and if he changes his mind give me a call. My pride would not let me do that. But now I'm being plagued with what ifs.
  5. Day 9. He still occupies about 90% of my thoughts. I wish he would call and keep checking my phone and email. Yet when he called I ignored it. Maybe I should have called him back. This is awful. When does it get better?
  6. HI Lucy, thanks for taking the time to update. This thread has really helped me to feel I can take the plunge and break up.
  7. Yes you are right. It is better to move on and if they come back, bonus. Is this what happened to you? Your ex came back wanting to be there 100%?
  8. No silence cannot be interpreted. The list you made covers the possible interpretations but the ex will not be able to work out which one applies. They could never be certain, and as you can see from your list, the possible reasons for silence are vastly different and range from being dead, to hating them, to having moved on. That's pretty wide ranging. They may not miss you if they have someone else that's true. But you never know, after the glitter and gloss has faded from the new relationship they may start to think about what they had with you. Who knows.
  9. Superdave, can I ask you a question? Do the exes usually at least call some time after the break up? If you leave them alone? I've left mine alone for a few months. I begged etc the first couple of days. But after that I stopped contacting him.
  10. Ahhh I ignored a contact. Will this mean he won't come back?
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