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Karma, do you believe in it?

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I believe there are many forces at work in the universe that we can't fully comprehend or understand. The existence of karma is one of them. Try doing something very small every day for someone else, even if paying for the toll for the car behind you. You'll be amazed at the positive energy you'll feel

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yep. but unfortuantely (or fortunately?) we're not really around to see it happening. although I've a friend who's gotten to see it happen. she's never wished ill feeling on these guys, but she was screwed over three times by three different men. for her it took about 2-3 years for the results to happen but basically, this girl went from being unemployed and just out of college to making six figures, working at a studio, bought a house over half a million and has a wonderful boyfriend. the first guy who screwed her over, she worked with as an intern, boy was he surprized when she showed up at his job. he was her boss for a small amount of time..until he got fired b/c he screamed at her and made her cry! the other guy, well he lef ther to marry someone else, screwed up that person's life, then screwed up his own and now he's broke and living in the country. he's often told her...boy did I mess up (in regards to not sticking it out with her). what comes around goes around in most cases. But like I said...we're just not around to see it.


she's very happy now and wouldn't trade where she is now for the world.


so that's what i figure. do your best to 'do your best'. I know it's clique (however you spell it) but...the best revenge so to speak is to do well. do VERY well. it's not that she wanted to prove to them a point, it just so happened that they all came back into her life after she had picked herself up and moved on and made herself into something spectacular. she's 26 btw.


so i guess in her/their case she got to see "karma" working.

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I think karma exists only in people's minds. Sort of the same idea as "everything happens for a reason". People get into the mindset believe this is true, but they don't know that they're just deciding to look at the bright side of everything. With karma, I think it's the same idea. People will LOOK for a bad thing that happens to a bad person, or a good thing that happens to a good person. They tell themselves it exists.

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still I think it's good for people to believe in something because it helps us to make the right decisions. If you believe in hell then people will be good cause they wont wnat to go there.


Sameway if you believe in karma, doing good things for others doesnt just make you feel good, but could also have a big part in helping the person who you are being good to feel better also.

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So every so often when you do something bad, something bad happens to you in return (and vice versa) - this is the essense of karma, right?


Can any of you who believe in karma explain how and why it happens? Surely the alteration of one's future (for better or worse) depending on one's past actions requires the belief in a body outside of time? I.e. God? I would hope that all of you (and I realise some of you do) who believe in karma also believe in a God of some sort.


I think that there is a simpler (and more logical and explainable!) explaination for what appears to be karma. Yeah, every so often when you do something bad, something fittingly bad happens to you. With the infinite number of possible events that can occur in just a day, logically, every so often there will be a strange.... coincedental occurrence! Why dress the odd coincedence up as karma? Seems weak to me.


I hope I haven't confused you all to oblivion lol. Sorry if I'm messing with anyone's personal beliefs, the above is just my opinion (which is always correct, incedentally).

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It does seem that some of us have the innate ability to manifest the most highly improbable of possibilities through seemingly accidental means on a more regular basis than probability should allow.


I've had too many coincidences in my life to believe in coincidence.


...but not enough to believe in a god. Belief in karma does not necessarily mean you believe in a god. It means you believe in a reactionary force that results from actions you've taken. A similar belief would be that in a force of nature. The cause and effect are clear, the time frame and what's in between is a little fuzzy.

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It seems that people dont have the actual meaning of what karma is. It is a Hindu/Buddhist concept that only applies to your next lives, karma determines your position in life as well what life form you are born into. Karma can stretch back from several lifetimes. What people dont seem to get is the confusion with the Judeo-Christian concept of you reap what you sow. Karma has no significance when you dont believe in reincarnation. It seems to be a trendy thing to believe in karma when people dont actually know what it means.

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Oh, well. It's a good way to keep your life in a good balance I guess.


I mean as a child we believe in Santa clause. It's silly but hey doesn't it make life so much more exciting. Once in a while it makes you feel good to believe in something bigger than you are. And I guess karma does that for a lot of people.


Bottom line. Like everything in this world. We take it and make it our own. Karma may not mean that if you do bad, bad will happen to you. In the official sense. But what harm is there in believing that doing unto others have you would have them do unto you, is a bad thing.


So everyone who wrote in that karma makes you feel like being a better person. Good for you . It would not be the first phrase, word or belief we westerners put our own spin on .

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Sometimes in life there are things we cannot see or touch but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Karma is like the wind, even though you cannot see it, you can feel it, just like love. You see the results of karma but not the energy itself. Food for thought.

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Yes, people always get what they deserve. Good people are rewarding, bad people get whats coming to them.


"What comes around goes around

I'm telling you baby, it's called karma

What goes up comes down

Hits the ground

You're gonna find out

All about, all about



- Jessica Andrews, "Karma"

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