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  1. Speaking to your therapist about this is a very good idea. I thought that I wanted a sex change when I was little because I only liked girls and I liked everything boys liked. Then I found out what a lesbian was and I figured out I was just that... a lesbian. Speak to your therapist and don't hold anything back. Just say exactly what you feel and you'll eventually figure things out. You're still young and no doctor would condone a sex change at your age so give it some time and just wait and see. Good luck pizachick13
  2. I did it!! I'm engaged!! OMG!! I'm getting married!! *takes deep breath* I can't believe it! I went to see her for her birthday and the night beofre her birthday we were going out so the next day I knew she'd be too hung over, so I asked her to marry me that night. Just as her friend was making dinner he asked her to go to her room to get something and then told me to follow her and do it then. I had it all prepared in my mind. I caught up to her before she got to close the door and I asked her if she wanted her birthday present early cos I knew she'd be too hung over to appreciate the next day. I got her to sit down and close her eyes. I got the ring out of my bag, opened the box and got down on one knee in front of her. Panic set in. She opened her eyes and I had a mental blank. For about 30 seconds I had no idea what I was going to say. She had a huge smile on her face and was saying oh my god over and over again. So I simply said (all that could come to mind) "Will you marry me?" She said yes and, oh my god, it was the greatest feeling. It felt the like the first time we'd held hands or the first kiss we had... or the first time she and I made love. No... wait... IT WAS BETTER THAN ALL THOSE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god the ring fits was all I could think when I put it on. We then stayed in the room another 20 minutes just hugging and kissing. It was the greatest moment in my life. We finally went back to the kitchen and got our dinner. She gave her friend a hug (he'd helped me get the courage to ask her to marry me and he also hid the ring in his room for me so that she wouldn't find it) and we sat down and had dinner. Then we called everyone... and I mean EVERYONE. It was the best night I've ever had. We then went out to a gay club and had the most fun ever.... I even danced topless with a white bra on under blue light... my girlfriend *whoops* my fiance' did too. Anyways.... much happiness. I love her so much. Thanks for all of your support. pizzachick13
  3. I've been a cutter on and off and I think I've finally kicked the habit... don't get into it man. I cut myself continuously for like 7 or 8 years. It really isn't worth it. I found it was making me more crazy and then I got sooooo badly addicted I was doing it in class, in front of my friends, it's just really bad way to beat pain, that cutting never really beats anyways. Best thing to do would be to talk about your pain, no matter what it is. Talk about it to a counsellor, friends, family, even on here would be good. Just don't bottle it up... because it isn't worth it. Trust me, I have the scars to prove it. pizzachick
  4. Just get out there... if you have the right personality (which I'm sure you do) then the guys will be all over you and you'll have no worries at all. When I was dating I didn't date one person exclusively... although once I found the right woman (which I have) then I stopped seeing other people Ahh, Cathie *daydreams* Sorry... just really in love Good Luck mate
  5. Lots of foreplay is always good to get things started... maybe some whipped cream or chocolate sauce?? REMEMBER: a little goes a long way... just a few dabs on her nipples and maybe a little in other places will be just fine good luck
  6. Gee I'm so nervous... I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it (little giggle)
  7. Okay, I just got the ring today. All paid off and looking gorgeous. It's white gold with three diamonds on it. I'm hoping she'll like it as we got a catalogue from the jewelry shop and a similar one was in there. I asked her if she liked it and she said yes but then pointed one out that was $700 and said we should put it on layby Anyways, I was thinking of putting my speech like this (if she follows the script too) "Cathie, we've been together for a little over 7 months now and I've really love the time we've spent together, but (pause for effect) I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore." (Hopefully) she says, "are you breaking up with me?" "No, I just don't want you to be my girlfriend... (pull out the ring) I want you to be my wife, will you marry me?" How does that sound?? A little too corny? Too worrying? I don't know... it was just an idea I got after buying the ring. What do you all think? thanks pizzachick
  8. I personally see no problem with it. I'm going to be my step mothers best woman at her wedding to my mum... and I have to wear a tux. So I see no reason why a man can't be a bridesmaid... or brides-butler as it were By the way, CarnelianButterfly I like the red leather mini idea tehehe
  9. I was thinking of paying off the ring on tuesday as i'll have enough and ask her on her birthday (it's the 10th today and her bday is on the 17th) Would that be too soon? I really love her and I wouldn't expect to get married too much sooner than the engagement if she didn't want to... I'm more worried she'll say no really. Is her birthday an ok idea? pizzachick13
  10. Sleep talking is when you're asleep so you don't know if you did or you didnt... and i know she does know because i asked and she told me... in detail. She does love me back as much as i love her and we've talked a lot about getting married and having children and building our lives together. i love her so much and i know she feels that way about me
  11. Big problem!! She found out about how I wanted to ask her to marry me. She's saying that I talked in my sleep at one point and I told her Soooooooooo not fair!! I really need some help... please? pizzachick
  12. I like having hot air being blown over my ear and when a person sucks on my neck just below my ear. And for some reason, if I'm wearing pants, I love someone putting their hand up the leg and just playing with my ankle... gives me shivvers Plus of course feeling someones warm skin on mine... mmm... yum... pizzachick13
  13. Hey, I am actually quite stretched for money. Putting the ring on layby was using my last $50. I am hoping for a yes but she's the kind of girl that doesn't mind showing affection in public but I think she'd be a little freaked about me asking her to marry me with tons of people around. Anything less taxing on my bank account that comes to mind? thanks for the suggestions though. I might give them a think
  14. Hey all, um, I've been with my girlfriend for 7 months on the 9th sept and I love her so much. I know that she's the one; my true love. I can see myself growing old with her. I can see myself having children with her and making a life with her. She's amazing. I've put an engagement ring on layby for her but I'm just a little stuck for how to ask her to marry me I was thinking that at Christmas time we're going to Kangaroo Island (for internationals it's off the coast of southern australia) and maybe we could go for a walk along the beach on Christmas eve and then ask her if she wants one of her presents early. I'm just not sure if that's too corny or what if she says she doesn't and she can wait until Christmas day? I really need some pointers. Any ideas? Thanks much pizzachick13
  15. It makes you human. Some people truly only want sex and the best thing you can do right now is just to take Caine's advice and find a circle of friends that don't want to use you.
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