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do you think he likes me or ?

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okay so i’ve been talking to this one guy for a bit ( 3 months maybe. ) I am the only girl he talks to on a regular basis, and i mean like every day. He sends me goodnight and good morning texts everyday as well???? He’s nice to me in a way a friend would be , if that makes sense ???? He’s not the type to be super affectionate he’s more on the sarcastic side lmao. He asks me about my day or asks to know more about activities i’ve been doing and seems like generally interested in whatever I have to talk about. He’s very quiet in person and doesn’t usually start conversations unless i approach him first ( which is why im a little iffy. ) Though on text he’ll almost always text me first if i decide not to respond. He’s actually messed up his sleep schedule before to stay up texting me. Thoughts ?????

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Most probably yes. Good Morning and Good Night texts, overt interest etc. Question is what you want to do with that information?

Do you want to know so you could turn him down more easily? Do you like him too and want it to go somewhere? 

Because interest from one or both sides doesnt mean too much if it doesnt go anywhere. 

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4 hours ago, toastyohz said:

He’s very quiet in person and doesn’t usually start conversations unless i approach him first ( which is why im a little iffy. )

How many times have you met him?

So if  I get this right, he's more active when you text/call, and more passive/less interested when you meet? Has he made any moves (first kiss)? Have you slept with him?

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He might like you as in he might like texting with you and/or flirting.  If he is interested in dating you he would ask you out on a date he plans in advance.  So the texting means nothing as far as interest in dating.  If you want to know if he likes texting with you -yes, he does because he is.  He might also like having a flirtation over text so he might be interested in flirting with you by texting you.  Means nothing as far as whether he is interested in dating you.

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Three months is a long time to spend just talking with someone. Have you been on any dates? 

It's easy for some to keep up a texting relationship but when the time comes to meet or make things more of a reality (in real life), that person isn't prepared to do that. Maybe you aren't either. In any case, this doesn't amount to much. Try not to let a virtual screen hold you back from living your dreams or what you want out of life. If you're spending all your time wondering what this person is thinking you're also spending less and less time meeting/dating people in person. 

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He likes you, but is only brave through text, and a scardy cat when in person. This is quite normal for a lot of people. You need to spend more time with him in person, and throw him some affection/flirtation his way to show him good signals. All you have to do is interact with him with strong eye contact and a smile. 

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