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  1. You were right about everything you said, from the first day. I feel stupid not believing you. I know this sounds really immature but I eventually got her to block me. I didn’t want to do that but it just became a compulsion constantly checking the means of communication, deleting it, worrying, reinstalling, etc. I spoke to my best friend about the situation and even he said that he wished that she wouldn’t contact me anymore. Yesterday I felt like killing myself because I was hurting so bad. But recently, I’ve been going to the gym, playing more handball, and trying to feel b
  2. Eventually I checked my discord to see her reply. But I didn’t respond. I’m already starting to feel better like last time when I pulled away. I guess it is just hard because we were both part of this online thing and she kept reaching out to me. I don’t know how I got sucked back in but I don’t think she really cares about me at all. I think her ego was bruised and she just wanted my attention. Its just, even thou I can go back to feeling normal, I don’t think that has done anything for me. I’m just running away from the feelings that come up every time I meet and date women.
  3. Okay. Here’s what I gathered based on what you said. My attraction to this individual is not healthy. If it was healthy, then I wouldn’t be feeling this way, I wouldn’t have these worries. This is someone who isn’t healthy and I shouldn’t associate with them. Okay, so I think if I accept that, then going no contact will not be difficult. Yet, I think the problem is that even if I accept that, I think my emotions are overruling the logic. I don’t think I’ve disagreed with you guys at all. I’m just telling you that I can’t control my emotions and they are causing me to behave in a way
  4. Okay. Maybe you have a point here. Let me think on this.
  5. It would be the first night tonight that we didn’t talk. I can’t stop thinking about her my mind is just raging right now, the amount of times that my mind wanders to wondering if she has reached out is about 3-4 times every hour and will probably increase to 6-7 as midnight passes. Mostly likely I won’t get any sleep and if I’m lucky it might be able not to indulge in reaching out or wondering if she’s replied by 3 or 4 am but the most I’ve ever made it was until 2am and then she would comfort me. We both have serious issues, we usually just leave the phone on and listen to each oth
  6. Your annoying anyways, and pushy. More so then any other poster I met on this cite. Your just seeking negative attention when you make a reply like that. No one asked you to reply to this thread anyways, Jesus I though I was toxic but you just opened my eyes. Can we close this thread too. I’m done posting on this cite for a while every time I do I have to encounter people like this. Makes me so sick to my stomach.
  7. Okay. Block her and then what. How do I move on with my life. I would probably have to cry to like a therapist for like weeks to get over her and I don’t feel like spending money to do that. Ive tried blocking her before but then my anxiety starts kicking in and I start worrying about her like crazy. Part of me thinks this is why she has such a strong pull on me. She has put so many small signals forward to make me feel like a savior. Part of me knows she’s just manipulating me and that she engages in this behavior with others to trap them. However, it’s effective and it works and I
  8. Let me think on this. I think you hit on something here. Maybe that’s what’s going on and I don’t realize this.
  9. I have a friend whose also a guy. One day we were talking and I asked him if he still remains friends after a breakup. I told him I’m not the type of person to be able to do that because it just hurts me too much. He told me that he does, and he can move on and he isn’t attracted to people who treat him badly. Sometimes I think this is my problem, like I don’t know why my attractive level peaks for women who neglect me. I want to prove to myself that I can be an adult and if I can handle this online friendship that somehow that can transition into me developing healthier relationship
  10. I posted in here before about meeting this person online and how I developed really strong feelings in a short period of time. I basically ignored everyone’s advice even thou they were all spot on about the right thing to do in the situation and kept talking to her anyways. I talk to her every night. I think I finally figured out that she uses sexting to keep men interested in her because she is lonely and afraid. I never realized this before, but I have been learning a lot about myself by talking to this girl. I guess I never knew that women did that type of stuff. Also, I told
  11. I think you guys are right. I’m just looking like a desperate old fool.
  12. Hollyj, you think I don't know I'm co-dependent, of course I know this. Like whatever is happening now with this virtual relationship is the same thing that happens to me in every freaking relationship. I've literally been on a short fuse for like the past 2 weeks and my work is suffering because of the feelings that have been coming up for me. Secretly, I want her to be just using me and not care, and making up the bit about her parents because who would want to move in with someone they met online for less then a week. Of course I would love that, so I wouldn't have to deal with these f
  13. I plan to do that. She only has like 1 day a week off, she works a lot. So, I want to find a time when she has more time off and preferably when flights are cheaper like not on the weekend. Yes, I can travel in my own country. I think we will go on dates, its not like I have anything to prove to you guys here. I'm just sharing my fears and worries that's all. Also, I will go as far to agree with some of the posters here that say I am infatuated. At night I start to get really bad anxiety if I don't talk to her and I spent a lot of time thinking of those chats we have or will have. There's
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