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I'll Never Ever Doubt Myself Again

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I see this girl on college every wednesday...

She is the absolute hottest girl on the whole room -- I've checked, there aren't other girls better looking than her.


She peaked my interest of course...

But due to my low self esteem, I never imagined she would reciprocate me...

Fast forward to last week... we finally crossed eyes and said hi to each other... 

She didn't act disgusted or repelled by me in any way...On the contrary, she was sweet/friendly to me.

Then for personal reasons I decided not to go to college today... 

A classmate than texts me this exact girl asked for me... and I ended up getting her number... we have a date on Monday.


In the beauty scale... I would say she is an 8.

That's it... I am never doubting myself again.


It was like the universe just screamed at me "Yes man, you can!"


-- Now, I am bound to see this woman every single week. How do I prevent her from losing interest?

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I'm glad this worked out for you.

But please realize she's more than just a "hot girl". She's a human with a brain, hopes and dreams, ideas, opinions and is obviously interested in getting an education. Make sure you ask questions about her interests and plans for the future. 

She's probably tired of being viewed as just a hot girl. Show her sincere interest and respect and you just might stand out above all the other guys who are angling to date her just because she's "hot".

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3 hours ago, KlearKut said:

In the beauty scale... I would say she is an 8.

That's it? That's what boosts your self esteem?

Anyways, congrats! I agree with @boltnrun. Take it one date at a time and explore who she is as a person, if you are compatible, red flags, ect. Let the dates and communication flow naturally. Be yourself and enjoy!

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My biggest piece of advice, based on your last threads, is this:

Keep both feet on the ground. Don't rush. Be yourself but don't assume she is going to be your girlfriend after one date. You came on too strongly last time, so dial it back this back. 

Relax. Enjoy yourself. 

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Yeah I think your mistake on the previous dates was trying too hard and coming on too strong. Cut out the excessive flirting and all the hugging and kissing. Just focus on hanging out, having fun, and getting to know her better. Ironically she will most likely lose interest if you show too much interest. 

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As she is hot, you have to do your best to make sure you get to know her. While you can have bragging rights to having taken the hottest girl in your class out, how much better would it be to develop a relationship with her and not her looks? You have already impressed her enough to want your number, and a date, now you just have to be the real you.

Best of luck!

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