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My ex girlfriend is confused between me and her boyfriend

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This can get a little winded, complicated but not so complicated.


My ex-girlfriend which I still love has a new not so new boyfriend. Her boyfriend is the guy that she was with before me and she went back to him after we broke up. They have longer history together than we have together.


Last week we ended up meeting together to discuss something's that happened between her/her family and myself. Our conversation was stress free and for the first time in a while we connected incredibly well. She started doing things like sending body signals which I read to be positive. We ended up having a few hours of make out session then we parted ways. In the beginning I tried to stop because she has a boyfriend but she brushed it off. We didn't go all the way. She was telling me she was confused and she had to make a decision regardless of I was in the picture or not.


We met a second time. Basically the same thing but the first time was a thursday and the second time was a tuesday. Weekend in between. We talked and connected. But slightly different in her body language. I figured whatever the issue with her boyfriend was being resolved or talked out during the weekend. However she did not resist and we continued to kiss, hold and be very affectionate to each other. Again we didn't go all the way.


2 days later we met once more. We still connected like the first time but everything got hot and heavy very quickly. We did everything and this time it almost went all the way but she had a change of heart but still gave me oral. However even though we connected during the times we talked. Everything felt like it was a last goodbye. it seemed the she had made her choice. Which was to continue her relationship with her boyfriend. She even told me that her boyfriend found out she was with me during their break and wasn't happy about it. So basically I was the catalyst of their issues but at the time of their problems I wasn't even in the picture as it was my no contact period. So that part I had no fault in it. But why bring me in the picture? Just because he told her to choose between me or him? What kind of messed up logic is that? Once I found out the reason I told her to go be happy and work things out I will again walk out of this picture. Then we went our separate ways.


I am left messed up. Perhaps if it wasn't the sexual activity it would of been easier. But why go that far is my question.



I know most of you will say I shouldn't of started.

I know she was using me for emotional support.

I know she was using me to get whatever her boyfriend wasn't giving her. Maybe affection.

I know I am to talk away and forget.

It has not been easy.

I also know there is no guarantee if she cones back to me she won't do the same things behind my back like she did with her boyfriend.


Worst part, I still have feelings for her. But I wish her well. Advice and suggestions welcome. I know what I am supposed to do. Just need some reassurance.

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She sounds lovely. Nice that you two were making out, when she is involved with him. She was doing the same to you when you were together.


What makes her such a prize? She is a lying cheat! You want her back?


She was NOT using you. You are not a victim, as you fully participated three times. Terrible. You are not helpless. be a better guy!


You guys deserve each other.

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I won't deny it. I took a part in this. It shouldn't of happened. I am aware of the mistakes I've made. If you ask me if she done the same to me I am thinking most likely.



To everyone else. I am not sure how long after we broke up. I have a general idea of between 1-2 months.


Same with me though I've had met someone else after a month but that relationship ended after what happened the first night with my ex. I told her what happened and it was done with.

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She is NOT confused. She has qualities in both of you that she likes. She cares about both of you, but she is WITH her boyfriend. She is WITH him.Let that sink in. When she has problems, it seems like she runs to you for emotional support.


Do you want to live the rest of your life like this? Being second to this other guy? With her running back and forth? Did you ever bother to consider that there may be a third or possibly a forth guy that you don't even know about? Her needs aren't getting met by just her boyfriend, or just by you. It's possible that's she looking for someone "better" that can meet ALL of her needs and leave both of you alone altogether.


You deserve so much more. I have been manipulative in my younger years. Im thankful for growth and maturity!! It will drag on for years and you will only end up being resentful for wasting time you can't recover-- when she will more than likely just stay with the guy she's with anyway. If she's been with him for a long time, she's probably not going anywhere. Now where does that leave YOU? She's doing what's she's allowed to do. Do you really want to be happy? Or do you want this toxic woman, who is not even yours, because youre sharing her with another man anyway? Decide right here, right now. Take charge of your life. If you can't make her leave you alone, if you're too weak, then, remove yourself. Cut off all access to yourself and go no contact. Simple. Good luck to you.

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I did, I thought about everything how our relationship was from the beginning. I even wrote it down as if I was giving someone else an advice. I concluded the same thing and given how I know all the details I made a good assumption on the entire situation. I don't know why but I can give good advice to other people but I can never follow them myself.

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