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  1. post was made about a year ago. Feels like i've came through a bit stronger and at the time i was messed up. I am not messed up right now and more stable as well and history should not repeat itself here. Self improvement where it's been preached many times in this forum, I feel like I accomplished some of it to make me a better person. Perhaps I have not come full circle, but hence it's been a year apart since i've made a post. Good job going through my history though and think you know me, specially from my absence of post for about a year. -pimpin'
  2. Only advice I can give you about his career status or the lack there of is that, don't look at what he is doing now. Look at the potential he has in the future rather than what he is doing now. At 24 (16 + 8) you pretty much don't have it figured out by now most of the time. So what is he doing now towards a goal later? College? Certifications? Trade training? Military? So, long as he is doing something, not really having a job right now doesn't seem to bad. However, if there is nothing he is doing towards anything that remotes to any kind of good future career. I would say consider leaving. I
  3. So it's been around a year since my last post. Since my last break up, i have been going decent, moving forward and all. I am still going through a bit of healing as I needed it as much, most of my initial emotions have calm down and I would say I am very near to where I want to be, emotionally and mentally. A few months ago, I would say about almost two months ago, I decided it was time to start dating casually and not too serious. I needed to get out and be out, meet new people and did just that. Dating to me is just hanging out and having fun, getting to know new and old people and gett
  4. yup.... why did you ask about details anyways???? That confuses me the most.
  5. 1tym


    like how have you not filed for divorce yet??? it is hard due to kids but at some point you need to be healthy to take care of the kids................... forget trying to stop that other guy, i'd go see a lawyer like yesterday and initiated paperwork today!
  6. Like everyone says, it is a situation that no one wants to be in. Furthermore, you are at a place where you feel like it's a hard decision and not knowing the things to come in the future is more pain. At this point your wife did not care about you or your family. Even if you believe that it was just a kiss and say you even give her a pass about the kiss but the truth of the matter is, during that simple kiss, she threw out all regards of you and your family. None of that mattered to her at that moment in time. Say you give her a pass on the kiss, later on the thought will always be there,
  7. If she wants to end the having sex part then you must respect that decision and just be friends moving forward. If she didn't down right say she wanted to be with you then it is where it's at which is just friends. If you are arguing lately with her because of whatever the issues are then stop being that guy and just be a friend to her. At this point it seems you want a relationship and you are the one getting a bit more attached to her and having more feelings towards her. She having feelings for you or being attached could just be you interpreting her actions the way you want to see them.
  8. 1tym


    I would say it all depends if she is hiding it from you or not. I can see a reason to be cordial during the meet ups. You do not want to have your child to go through some things like confrontation between parents. You want to at least present a happy environment for the child when you do see each other. Doing things FOR the child is important for me and important enough to put differences aside and interact like both are happy. However, doing things for their child in this manner is fine, but if she is hiding it from you that she is going to drop their child off and meeting with him, i
  9. To be fair, most of the parents would be angry or disappointed when these things happen, however they would not wish harm for their own child. If you are absolutely sure that you want an abortion then you should tell your parents. Yes, they might be upset and angry initially but they should help you, if nothing less, going at least to the clinic so you don't have to go to the back alley stuff which could be really dangerous. I know you said you don't care for your well being but lets really be honest here, if you do the illegal abortion stuff and nothing happens to you, over the years you prob
  10. She wants to talk to you and she wants you to listen to her. She is telling you that she doesn't expect you to know what's bothering her but expects you to know to get her comfortable enough so that she opens up and talks to you, while feeling confident that you will listen and not try to fix the situation. She is testing you, she had issues like this before, boyfriends wouldn't listen to give emotional support when she feels down. You are looking at things logically but looking at what she is doing wrong. You are not putting yourself in her shoes and looking at it
  11. You keep saying that you want to make amends for something no one knows what you did. However in your post you keep saying you want to fix things with her or you hope that this gesture will help you soften her up a bit so that you can have some sort of communication with her. Listen to yourself what you are saying. If you are truly sorry for your actions, you would be concerned of her feelings and yours second. You don't need to soften her up to apologize for something that you have done to her. You don't need to buy anything and try to get her in a good mood. Catch her at a time when h
  12. this statement made me think that. No one wants to work those jobs, some people don't have better options and some people use it just so that they don't have too big of a gap in unemployment.
  13. You probably shared a lot more then intended, felt like he was easy to talk to. All the while he probably didn't really have any interests at all, which you didn't know. Either way, whats done is done, go to the next one.
  14. without context of an issue, I don't understand whats going on. However in general buying something for someone really doesn't do it. Even more if you do it for the entire group of people. She'll just think you are doing it for everyone and won't think nothing much more.
  15. OP really doesn't know what she wants. He is doing what she asked and she is attracted to him more. OP you asked for space, he gave it to you. If you are now done with the space, stop with the games with instagram, put on your big girl panties on and just come right out and say you'd like to continue to bang. Not sure about your divorce stuff, since i don't know the back story i'll stop here.
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