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First let me give a little background. Dated for almost 3 years and broke up senior year of college. She was the instigator saying we had grown apart and the spark was no longer there. She wasn’t in love with me after a summer internship out of state. It was a Difficult breakup with no contact and limited contact over major life events. (Car accident and dad dying). This occurred 6 years ago.it was mostly me in the beginning reaching out and she hasn’t in years. She pretty much went ice cold and cut contact with group of friends and became interverted from my understanding.


She adds me on Instagram out of the blue. I send her a message saying it’s great to see that we are friends and hope she has been doing well. That’s it. I get no response. We literally hadn’t spoken in years.

I know during the breakup things werent handled smoothly and probably were a little immature on both of our parts.

I felt to follow up couple days later to apologize for the way I acted and was sorry for my part of relationship and breakup. Something I think was never properly done and some of the missing closure. Told her little about what I have been doing and just wanted to say hello. No expection and hoped she’d conside

I don’t expect we are the same people from 6 years ago. Ive dated and seen other people. I believe she to be in a relationship at the moment. Yet she doesn’t respond. Maybe im just overthinking or little confused as to why? Any insight?

We were both each other first relationship. And I believe we both needed to sow our oats a bit and experience life. Defiantly have grown since the last bit of my college years. I wouldn’t lie to say there isn’t anything in my heart for this girl, but we live hours apart and my career has taken off as hers as not.

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If someone was so rude as to not reply, I'd delete them. And actually, I've never got back with an ex who dumped me, since they didn't care enough to stick around and work things out. And I've never wanted to get back with an ex I dumped, as I'd thought long and hard before making the final break.


She was rude to intrude on your life. I'd leave the past in the past where it belongs. Your future gf won't want your ex lurking on your social media anyway.

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I guess my biggest thing to wrap my head around... Is being interested in my life to follow me on social media but unwilling to have a simple reply/ hello. Just felt the need to vent.

Because clicking on a button to add someone can be done impulsively. Not much thought or hidden agenda. It can be ego driven too.

I wouldn't read anything into it. Especially in light of her not responding.

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