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Ex sent me this


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So I’ve posted on here a few times and I just want some advice about this text my ex sent me. We haven’t talked in a while but a little back ground, we didn’t break up because of cheating or anything. It was really petty and I made all the classic break up mistakes. But here is what she said:


I have heard everything you have said. I have read it all. And i understand. I forgive you. I really do. But that is it. The reason i have ignored you is because i don’t have anything to say. I accept your apology and i hope you the best. I am not in a place right now where we can sit down and talk or anything but maybe one day. For now just know i care about you and i really loved being with you. Thank you for trying and showing your effort.


I then told her that this has all been very hard and she says:

It’s hard for me to say. Trust me. I’m just not where you want me to be yet.


So if anyone of you received this would you think it’s something that can be fixed with time or just close the door?

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hi Smw,


I'm sure it hurts alot to be reading that from her, but you need to now try and close this chapter.


Be thankful that you received that though, it's a hell of alot more than some people get!


Chin up and stay strong.


We are all here if you want to talk.

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Instead of concentrating on your girlfriend's response you should be on what you did to her. Looking back at your January post, you just don't accept that apologizing for what you did is not enough. The relationship is over. You're just torturing yourself by contacting her and trying to force her to come back. You're harassing her. Move on.

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Why did you break up? She's already told you to stop trying to get together. However it's odd she didn't block you yet.

01-07-2018:This is a message that my ex sent to me.


"I got the message. And i understand that. I just feel like I’m being backed into a corner. Let me come back on my own time. You cannot push me. You cannot force me"

All that I did was break up with her out of frustration

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