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  1. Happy New Year, Dalesboy. Remember, the most important thing.. you are not alone! Wishing you every happiness for 2019. S x
  2. Well done Cupid, that is a big step! All the best for 2019 :)
  3. This is wonderful and spot on! All the very best to everyone for 2019 and beyond :) S x
  4. I'm sorry this happened.. 9 and a half.. (believe it or not, some people wouldn't have even called to tell you it's over!) Chin up, it gets better.
  5. Hello Stacks, It makes me very happy reading this. So much of your story is similar to mine.. even the timelines! Very pleased you have come out the other side and things have worked out. S x
  6. Hello buddy, Really sorry this has happened. You know you shouldn't have read the messages, but as you say, can't go back in time. What you should do now though is walk away from her. I think deep down you know this.
  7. Many Happy Returns buddy! I hope you had a great day in the end :) As far as the break-up is concerned, it's just another day and best that you don't hear from her anyway! I would be very surprised if she doesn't think of you from time to time but that doesn't mean that people reach out. Very big difference.. I know where you are coming with the timelines, anniversaries etc but there really is only one way to keep moving and you know where that is ;) Keep going brother.
  8. Hello buddy, As you know, this does come and go.. These milestones are an annoyance aren't they.. I just reached the 12 months since the split. Just remember that this is perfectly normal and you are doing great! Any plans for the weekend? :)
  9. I'm with Wiseman.. no good can come with continued contact :)
  10. Hello buddy, So glad you are feeling like this. Proud of your progress you have made and your perspective on things. Keep it going! :)
  11. I agree with the earlier peeps. Don't do it.. Keep moving forward :)
  12. Hello buddy, Very glad to hear you are doing well. Just one piece of advice, keep doing the things that make you happy, but try not to completely shut yourself from the idea of meeting someone. Keep moving it forward :)
  13. Hi all, I hope everyone is doing OK! :) Just a little update my end.. Well, I was going to mention initially that the last of the ex "major" dates post break-up had now been and gone (our respective birthdays) a couple of weeks ago, quite close together and nothing.. The last remaining date before the 1 year split anniversary, next month. This got me to thinking that this could well be "it" and would never hear from her again.. It all seemed so distant and I am happily with someone else, becoming publicly official, planning the future, living life etc etc. Low and behold a text arrives in this afternoon, completely out of the blue.. "Do you still have my ____ jacket?".. The jacket in question must be worth no more than £20 and has not once been asked after in 11 months since the split (she left many many clothes at my house and said at the time she had no want/need for them). I deleted the last message in June and didn't respond (her asking me if I wanted something I had left at her house).. The picture is again just of her with lyrics to a sad break up song attached... I just don't get this.. since January I have not made any contact at all, but this is the 4th message from her now, all 2-3 months apart. I still have not even seen her around. As I said, I deleted the message.. I see no need to block or respond but she is renting the space in my head again :(
  14. Hello Bee, Nice to hear from you.. If only it was under different circumstances! He is just trying to get your attention.. Stay your course.. you are worth 10 of him :) S x
  15. Wow.. This is a wonderful post! :) Congrats on finding happiness! I resonate with sooo much of this.. except the moving to a new city part! (not possible atm).
  16. Hello Mitch Great to hear from you. Some of the best dates are relatively cheap! Very pleased to see you are out there and happy :) All I can add is that whatever issues arise during a relationship, make sure you both communicate with each other.. I know it sounds obvious, but it's so important. Keep well my friend.
  17. Still here my friend ;) Sorry to say, but this is just the way that some people behave these days! Rather than communicate, they just vanish off the face of the earth... Don't take this as a slight on you, Piaresssss is a wonderful guy and a great catch! You will be ready when you are ready.. I can't put it simpler than that! haha Keep it moving forward my brother, that's all you can do. 2 weeks left of "summer".. make the most of it ;) S x
  18. Welcome back Carus, Always lovely to hear from you! Sweets is around somewhere.. this place just wouldn't be the same without her! She is a rare breed.. insightful, yet very humorous! Just like your dear self! ;) Strangely, I am dreaming now more than ever.. Would it not be possible to keep the gigs coming? I can see how it would be so therapeutic. Are you able to all to get out and about socialising? It would do the world of good.. The "missing" aspect takes sooo long to dissipate doesn't it.. perhaps it never completely goes. You are doing nothing wrong, just know that. Where are you thinking of travelling to brother? Place here in the UK whenever you need it! :) Ever forwards.. S x
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