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Always feel sick and barely eating


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I know nobody can give me an exact answer, just seeing if any one has had any of the same problems before....


Ive had these for a few weeks now.


Just 15 minutes ago, i was incredibly starving, felt faint from it, i had a biscuit in the morning about 3 hours prior. I got some lunch, i had one bite and i felt FULL! I feel sick in the stomach like im going to be sick. My plate is still full.


I was dying for a drink and almost drank an entire can of coke within a minute.


- throw up feeling in the stomach like im going to be sick but im not

- tired

- always thirsty

- i barely eat, i take one bite of something and im full


I had one mcdonalds chesse burger, at about 12.30 one day - i ate nothing before, last itme i ate was 6pm the previous day. I was not hungry again until 1am......and again, ate a couple of bites, and felt full and sick.....


has anybody felt like that before?



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Boy, a few weeks. That's not good. My wife is going through something like this but she visited the doctor. The doc was able to rule out a lot of bad things like tumors, cancers and so forth. So that's what you should do. In the meantime, you should drink and eat small amounts through the day even if you're not hungry or thirsty. You can get dehydrated and wind up with all sorts of deficiencies, such as a lack of sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. that will put you in the hospital. Eat light things like toast and rice, not cheeseburgers, and drink sips of water. I hope you feel better soon.

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