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Ex in hospital - confused


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To make a long story short...


I broke up with my ex about a month ago, it was definitely kind of mutual and I think I just went with it mainly to not "give in". I realize now that he needed reassurance from me... But I did try to speak to him and he pushed me away.... his last words was that he is trying to move on and wants no contact....


3 hours later he was in a serious car accident which left him in coma, neck and arms broken etc. I haven't gone to visit as I want his family to either tell me I can or for him to ask...


I am friends with his brothers fiance and she told me he told his mom that I came to visit and held his hand... he was all smiles. He has been on morphine for pain so very confused. She then also spoke to him and told him she heard I came to visit and he smiled... he said he needs to tell me something.... and she asked him if he still loves me..... he just smiled.


I'm so confused because he pushed me away and wanted nothing to do with me yet he thinks about me in hospital?


Could this be that he realized he still loves me? Does morphine make you think about things you want?

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I called this one guy when he was in the hospital a few times to check up on him. That made such an impact. And we are married now. Sure there's lots of stuff in between, but you never forget when people come see you at the hospital. Even just to read a magazine or watch a show together. It's moral and physical support.

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Thank you so much everyone! I also so badly want to go and show him I care but his parents aren't allowing me at this moment (due to our fight and that I'm the ex), which is frustrating me as he clearly wants me to go if he's imaged me being there...

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