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  1. As sad as it is, I think drinking is very normalized in our social group. I am in my 20s and it seems that everyone we are friends with drinks heavily. I know my boyfriend would not want to miss out on parties and other social events because of that. And I'm not asking him to stop drinking. I just would like him to control his drinking better so he can stay in control of his actions. He is a good person but when he binge drinks he acts like a different person sometimes.
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. I should add that my boyfriend is super sweet and loving when sober. That is why I love him and am with him. He does love me, but i think he doesnt understand or realize why his actions hurt me. He thinks I am overreacting and everyone acts stupid when they are drunk. A lot of our conversations the day after parties are me being angry and him apologizing. I just want to break this cycle so we can both be happy and our relationship an be stronger. I am going to try talking to him again tonight about it and I hope he might be more open to a discussion.
  3. This is definitely an issue with him, not with you. Maybe you could suggest he talk to a doctor? I know it is a very awkward topic.
  4. Hi there Just wondering if anyone has experience on how to deal with a partner who sometimes drinks too much and acts disrespectful. Some things that he does is act flirty with other girls in front of me, say hurtful things to me (like telling me to shut the f up) or slamming door on my face when I was just trying to help. He doesnt think he has a problem, and he doesnt always drink, but when he does he gets blackout drunk to the point where he doesnt remember what happened the night before. I have talked to him about how it hurts me several times, but he is continuing to act in the same way and doesnt see how it is hurting me. I love him so much and want this to work out between us. I offered for us to go to counseling together for a session but he said no. Thank you kindly
  5. What does she want? Why is she reaching out? If you want to get back together and she doesn't then just tell her to stop contacting because you are trying to move on.
  6. The dreams are horrible. But they will get less and less as time goes on don't worry. Don't focus too much on the dreams as they are just your brain sorting out information and emotions. And agree with above- the cold reply is all you need to know it's time to move on.
  7. As a girl I would be really mad and upset. I think this situation would make me leave for good. Sorry. Maybe the fact you had to take a break like this is a sign it should be over.
  8. Did you tell him you don't want an open relationship anymore? You should. See what he says.
  9. He sounds absolutely terrible. I hope you can see that in time. So happy for you that you are out of that relationship even though it hurts now.
  10. Yes it's painful at first but it will get better! I went through a break up about a year ago and it's not painful at all anymore. I would say the first 3 months were bad and then it started getting better and I was able to move on:) i was with him for 3 years so the half your relationship thing isn't necessarily true it just depends. Also depends how you consider when you are over someone? When you can look at them and feel literally no emotions?Maybe never. When you are able to move on and don't want to be with them anymore and don't love them the way you used to? You're on your way!
  11. Once you fully accept that it's over and stay away from him through no contact it starts getting a lot better. But it is slow and not linear getting over someone.
  12. Dreams don't mean anything, they are just your brain sorting out information and emotions. Think about some really weird dreams you had before, does that mean they all happened or they reflected how you feel while awake?
  13. Agree with above. Sounds like a waste of time to me. If a guy doesn't want to be in a relationship with me after like a month or so I usually see that as I need to move on because i will end up hurt. Just from past experience.
  14. Doesn't sound like she is interested anymore. I also don't think it's your fault, Sounds like she has issues to deal with. Don't be hard on yourself just try and move on and date other people.
  15. I know it's hard but you have to believe them and listen to what they say. He said he would never get back together so you have to remind yourself of that and try to start moving forward.
  16. You're still healing, that is ok. It will come and go for a while,sometimes you completely fine and once in a while some sadness or memories hit you. Just focus on the present and future and remind yourself you are where you want to be and it will pass. I think it's normal to sometimes feel a bit sad about past things but just keep moving forwards.
  17. Sounds like he still has baggage from his past. Of course he wants to keep you around!! But does he deserve You? Is he treating you right and wants the same thing as You? That's up to you to decide. Does he actually have feelings at all for you or are you just a f buddy to him?
  18. You're way too nice. I would tell him to go stay with someone else or in a hotel if we were broken up.
  19. I don't think you should be looking at his browser history. And also maybe he is just looking out of curiosity. I look up people sometimes just to see what they are up to. If he was looking at some photos of hers it might show up as looking a bunch of times.
  20. This seems to be an extreme over reaction. You either accept her and love her as she is or you let her go.
  21. I don't get what the problem in the relationship was? And if you chose to end it then she won't reach out to you...
  22. I'm sorry to hear this. When it comes down to it, he doesnt love you. If he loved you he would be with you. It sounds like he doesn't love you anymore but you were a comfort to him and a hook up. It's better if you stop contacting him.
  23. This sounds so painful that it would probably be less painful to go your separate ways. It will hurt a lot at first but it will get better over time and you can both move on and be happy. You won't be happy together.
  24. He has a new girlfriend so it's better if you guys don't meet up to talk about your relationship and break up. It's over and you need to keep moving on.
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