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Unappreciative / ungrateful girlfriend


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So I've been dating this girl for a couple of months and when we started out she would have an average of 2-3 orgasms each sexual encounter which would last several in a row sessions. Over the course of the last couple of months she has expressed disapproval with all gifts ( northface jackets, E30 BMW) as well as a general stuff like roses or dinner dates. Hardly ever "thankyou's" and any expression of appreciation . Her ungratefulness led way to my expressing disapproval and telling her that I needed more from her. More of her time, and more appreciation. Big mistake, she went in to attack mode and declared herself the "man of the relationship" that Im "needy' and a "sensitive " even. I don't pay that ratchet any mind , but the weeks go by and everyday somewhere she'll get a dig in on me being a "sensitive yada yada" ... or "little boy" blah blah. I've done everything to tell her to cut it out, but to no avail. The other day she tells me "your complaints make my p**** dry", when just addressing "800 pd. gorilla" is complaining.....


So anyways, even with trying to romance, and candles and sweet nothings ,and everything, three months in I'm bring the goods as per usual, and she can barely orgasm anymore. This, after a couple times in a row. I feel like I watched her condition herself to no longer orgasm with me through the use of psychological attacks on my masculinity. I'm sad that what we had that was good has gone away. Sure, there are lots of girls out there, but anybody else have any chick do anything like this to them? Kind of ed up, no? Geeeeeeez

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I'm a woman but I'll say: (and without psychologically trying to stop you from making me orgasm) Take your dangly bits out of her purse and please stop catering to this shrew. You've only been dating her a couple of months and she's clearly showing you that she's totally unappreciative of your over compensation. Where in any of that has she actually show YOU that she values you and deserves to be spoiled the way you proclaim to be spoiling her?


Cut back on the giving and over compensating. What you're doing is 'nice guy' behaviour when there is actually nothing nice about it but rather you trying to buy yourself out of the insecure place she's boxed you in.


Don't keep enabling her to be the B-word you paint her to be. When you keep giving to someone like her who is sh** testing you, you are going to get treated poorly. Frankly, I think you'd be better off without her to be honest.

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Right. I am so going to be the inverted snob here


I think she behaves despicably


And i also do not understand what you expected, relating on such superficial terms. Sex this, car that. Okay but, sounds like that's all there was? *Peggy Lee winks*


While material comfort in life can be helpful (sponsorship though, really?? Seriously?), and i haven't a bad thing to say about serial orgasms...if you both represent mere commodities to each other, to be consumed, is it any wonder either should be as appreciative of the "goods and services" as the average retail customer at the deli counter?


You're just bad at trolling, right?

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