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Ex jokes about suicide


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My ex made a lot of jokes about suicide while we were were dating. It was actually uncomfortable as he referenced it almost daily. We got into a big argument recently and I blocked his number. A few hours later he emails me and says “I’m afraid, I think I’m going to do it” “Please call me, help”


I told him in the past to never joke with me about it and to always talk to me if he’s really struggling. Well I didn’t see the emails until 1.5hrs after he sent them so I called and called with no answer. I didn’t know what to believe.


So I call the police in his local area to knock on his door. They asked all types of questions that I’d rather not have said for their report.


To make a long story short he has a pretty intense Job that looks deeply into personal history. He mentioned to me before he never wanted to admit suicide ideation to anyone for fear of loosing his job.


Well he was asleep in his room. Idk if the emails were a stunt to get me to call, for attention or a genuine cry for help. Now he’s cussing me out because they are doing an investigation. He refuses to believe his part in the whole situation and states it was not my role to get involved because I’m not his wife or mother.


I’m so angry. He’s making me out to me the bad guy. Yes I feel bad his job is at steak but you shouldn’t put people in the situation to make those decisions.


My mom told me I did nothing wrong by calling. She would have done the same thing? But for some reason, I feel terrible and guilty like I’m a bad person. Any thoughts ?

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My mom told me I did nothing wrong by calling.

I agree, you did nothing wrong. You were absolutely right to report it to the police. He sounds very manipulative and it is a terrible thing to do to people to keep threatening suicide. Maybe this will teach him to quit joking about it. Also sounds like he needs professional help because it's just not normal to keep on and on and on about suicide (imo). But that's in his hands and his family. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

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I lost a friend to suicide not too long ago. It destroys the people who love you. I am still hurting from it. It is absolutely not something to joke around and quite honestly, I would of done the same thing. I wish I could of prevented suicide for my friend who was in trouble... And even though there was nothing I could of done, the guilt is still there.


Cut contact with this guy. He's shown his true colors and isn't mentally right. He needs some help and looks like the police are giving it to him.

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I just read back and in August you were married and debating life with your husband ...so you can't have known this man that long at all , you need to cut all ties so he can't even message you ...


I’ve known him longer than my husband. I’m separated and have been talking to this dude as friend. He’s an old ex. This shouldn’t be in the breakup section.

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You did the right thing. Suicide threats you have to take seriously even if he's not serious. I attempted suicide by doing an overdose of dangerous medication. In panic, I contacted my then boyfriend and he called 911. I'm glad he did, he saved my life!


This guy should have known he was putting himself at risk with his job by crying wolf one too many times, it's his own fault!

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