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I was dating a guy 2 years off and on however I really pissed him off he saw me in a party flirting with a guy me and him weren’t talking at the moment he blocked me the next day after I sent a I miss you text so I called 120 times the next day he finally contacted me he complained I talk to much because I tell my family everything about us and how he’s stressed going thru a lot and he’s has no one after our conversation he told me he would call me back I sent him a message basically telling him I love him and want to try also I apologized for being childish it’s been 3 hours still no response

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I wish 🤦♂️


Omg, no! Just....no.


You did nothing wrong by flirting. You were broken up.

Why did you break up? Was it mutual? How old are both of you?


Please exercise some self control. The more you push, the further away he will pull.

He knows you are sorry. It's up to him to decide if he will contact you again.

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