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Grass is greener dumper husband creeping back


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We have been separated for four months now and i went on limited contact since March bec i was friendzoned. I changed my number but gave him my email ad for bills and stuff. He initiated contact last month and it was fine bec it was official business but after that he started calling me by my petname and i found it uncomfortable. I went on NC until now but his emails piled up esp this month. I never replied bec i know that he is still with contact with the OW. Does this mean that their honeymoon period is over? Has the fog lifted? I just put him on spam last night. Any thoughts? His emails are just breadcrumbs, just my petname.

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Adultery follows standard patterns.


For infidelity to be meaningful [sic], there must be a victim. (You)

When you reject him, it not only exposes his disreputable partner to the light, but also his fears and shortcomings.


Not chasing/wanting eliminates the thrill.

This is why he/they move back in your direction.

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My GIGS dumper is starting to reach out after 4 months of separation. We've been together for 10 yrs and i just discovered that he had been cheating on me for the last 2 yrs of our relationship (with different women). I went LC (limited contact) since March (bec i was friendzoned), changed my number, etc but i have to give him my email for official business stuff.


When he reached out through my email last month he started calling me by my petname and i can sense traces of regret and guilt. Just this month he emailed me 8 times with just my petname. i went on full NC (no contact) for the past two weeks because I know he is still seeing his current b**** who caused our separation. But still his emails persisted.


What's up with him? Is this bec their honeymoon stage is over and he is now undergoing the stages of grief?

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Do you need to be in contact?


How could you possibly consider being with someone who cheated on you for two years, with multiple people? Where is your self respect?


The fact that he is calling you the names, again - while he has a gf - shows that he has zero respect for you both. What would ever make you think he had changed?????

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