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  1. I don't think you were technically stalked. But I can appreciate that you are bothered by the way this person questioned you and then arranged the fine. It is a bit peculiar. If she ever approaches or says anything to you again, just call the cops. Someone contacting her should give a clear message that people don't appreciate her harassment. You said sorry and it was an accident, end of story. You weren't dismissive of her.
  2. Excellent advice, and I agree. Refreshing for a change vs the usual block, delete, NC, and move on responses.
  3. He blew it as far as I am concerned, as that is a real stupid thing to say to a woman you are trying to get back with! There are some very strange and hurtful things people we love say and do. Nobody is perfect, and you will never meet such a perfect person. Everyone has flaws, but this flaw if his to keep trying to score with other women and then telling you he doesn't know if he can avoid it in the future, reeks of a true dummy. Maybe you need to take a break, tell him you don't like his response and that the both of you now need more time to think.
  4. I always try to support the possibility of reconciling and like to be sympathetic. But reading this message, I say screw this guy. Don't bother responding. Let him think about what he said, so say nothing and do nothing. It sounds clear that he doesn't want to reconcile, and his wish is to not contact him. So do not feel pressured to reply or explain anything. It's his loss, and as a guy I can surely tell you that he will eventually regret this long winded message when he gets dumped by whoever.
  5. Way to make the guy feel better! And you contacting your ex after 8 years simply out of boredom is a good one. I bet you miss her, no doubt about it. To contact an ex after 8 years and try to say it meant nothing for you because you just were bored means you are not being truthful, or there's more going on in your own head you might not want to admit.
  6. You can get back together, but just take it slow. Explain that to her, and that you don't want to go full tilt too fast. Be prepared for confusing comments and advice though, like the previous one.
  7. Yeah but wasn't there a saying that girls supposedly like flowers? Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
  8. IMO considering your circumstances I would not advise NC. If you do want to reconcile then playing games and ignoring her will only cause more confusion. Just keep it limited and be polite, for now. But don't ignore her or intentionally take a long time to reply.
  9. If everyone should follow the advice in your second last paragraph, why would she ever look him up? She probably has people advising her of the same, NC, move on, etc. There might be legit cases out there of people who do still want their ex to try, but follow all this advice and then you just get a deadlock and nothing happens. OP just follow your gut. If you really like this girl and this is just a one time last try and you don't mind possible rejection, then go ahead.
  10. You are not awkward, I wish I could have a gf who was a doctor or studying to be one! It sounds like you have become depressed through all of this. Which would explain lack of energy and motivation for things you once did so enthusiastically. Go to your doctor and talk about it.
  11. Well in your case it may not be petty. I agree. It's very strange this ex checks your social media like this and even goes bowling, only to tell you she just wants to be friends and doesn't see you getting back together. But that's just the day's response, and she might be unsure or still testing. But yeah, this woman will mess up your head and if you can't or don't want to deal with this sort of drama and uncertainty, block her and go NC for sure. I'll tell you this though, regardless of what BS she said, she still in love or has deep attraction with you. 100% on that. Just too stupid or
  12. Don't be so hard on yourself man. It's normal in your situation to minimize or even forget the poor behaviors she too had, which contributed to the equation. It's not just you. One bit of advice, you really need to delete your Viber account, and any other stupid social media garbage which you think will tempt you to check her profile. Stop thinking it's the end of the world, because it's not. Maybe she will contact you one day, or you can reach out in a few months. But right now, I think you need to try and clear your head and getting off Viber or anything else which causes you to be m
  13. I have heard that too, but the only thing I worry about is this: what if that ex thinks exactly the same way. Both people think they were wronged, and each has their reasons and sticks to NC. Deep down they miss one another, secretly hoping the other will contact them. Maybe it's only a small percentage of cases, but it happens and I don't think forever NC is always the best (in cases where you do want to get an ex back). At some point you have to evaluate if you need to break and initiate contact.
  14. Well Miss Canuck, I don't believe in absolute NC if you want to one day get back with an ex. But definitely LC as in limited contact. If you don't want anything to do with that person ever again, sure NC is right. In the case of a dumper ignoring the dumpee and having begun a new relationship, like the OP's case, here's what I would say. Everyones circumstances are different, and there is no magic formula. In the case of this guy and seeing that he really still wants to fight for his relationship, I think having a discussion for closure is helpful. In this case he doesn't care if he loses
  15. It sounds like you have an underlying issue where you are miserable or unhappy, and like to resort to these booze fests. We all do it once in a while, but you need to try and set some limits. Maybe try sipping on a nice scotch, instead of downing too many beers or shooters. And it's possible you have an active sex drive, but limit yourself to the guys you really do like. It all depends on how drunk you get, so try to slow down. It's good to have fun, but it sounds like there are no limits for you so just try harder to be conscious of the effects of too much alcohol and the wreck less beha
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