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New roommate snores: what would you do?

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In my dorms I was down in the basement, but I made friends with everyone on floor 2, and continually felt disconnected from everything that was happening on the floor. To make matters worse, the basement had no sunlight, and all the guys were loud destructive and drunken. I really didn't enjoy being down there, and then I had the opppruntinty to move upstairs to be with all my friends and I took it.



However... my new roommate is a habitual snores, and even though me and my old roommate were quite different we at least got on in terms of sleeping patterns and such. The last two nights I've really struggled. I got really good ear plugs and they were effective in blocking the noise, but then I thought "do I want to have to use them every single night?" That thought doesn't really bode well with me. The night after I turned on a fan for white noise but I still couldn't stop hearing the snoring and it just made me really frustrated and too worked up too sleep.


I'm really stuck. I could move back down, but it would be like going back with my "tail between my legs" and I'd feel quite ashamed it lasted a week. And I would be away from my friends again but would get a good sleep with no snoring.


I could suck it up and face the snoring but I feel like that would be really detrimental to my overall health.


There is another spare room on the floor with just one girl in it, the other bed has been empty for a while. But she seems really used to having the room to herself lol.


I need some perspective! Please help

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My boyfriend snores, and I'm a light sleeper. All the earplugs and white noise machines in the world don't give me a peaceful night's sleep. In fact, he's even tried every snoring remedy out there, including a sleep study re: sleep apnea.


Sleep is one of the most important things we need for our health. So I completely understand your issue.


You have some options:

1). Try to live with it, hoping that eventually you'll sleep through it. Unfortunately, this doesn't usually work, as our sleep patterns are formed in infancy. This hasn't worked for me (or coincidentally, my sister, whose husband snores. Their daughters sleep right through it, thus proving the point about sleep patterns and childhood).


2). Go to the girl with the empty bed and explain the situation. Tell her that you so badly do not want to hurt this other person's feelings, and see if she will find it in her heart to let you move in.


3). Move back downstairs. At least you'll sleep.


4). Tell the the roommate about the snoring, and maybe they'll be inclined to move, or to try something.


I feel your pain. I recently paid out of pocket for my own room on a trip to avoid a snoring friend.


These days, my boyfriend and I sleep separately, after our cuddle time.

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My husband used to snore and sound like a chain saw, it was brutal, and I did the ear plug thing too, and that usually worked. I have no idea if your roommate would be interested in this idea, but what resolved my husband's snoring was going to our chiropractor and having him work on hubby's sinuses. He hasn't snored in years now

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I got really good ear plugs and they were effective in blocking the noise, but then I thought "do I want to have to use them every single night?"


Why not? You just said that they were effective. So do what works.


Everything is temporary.

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