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Ex unblocks me from FB to show he is married

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There is more to it that I won't discuss on this board. And yes, in a way, unblocking me on FB is really like sending it direct to my email. It is a way of "showing" me without looking like a bad person by emailing or telling me direct. I guess my logic may seem flawed to some of you but I just see it as an unkind move. If I was no longer a thought than why even think about unblocking me....he shouldn't be thinking of me at all.


Anyways folks, as you should know, logic never plays into issues like this. To make excuses for him doesn't make sense either.


It doesn't matter, even if he was leading you on or whatever happened between the two of you. It's over, he's married, accept it! It hurts, I understand, but sometimes you need to let go of your negative thoughts and try to think differently. EVERYONE is giving you pretty much the same advice, why do you think that is? You are right, stop making up excuses and use this time to get over him. Again, block and delete him.

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So he knew this would potentially be provocative. If he knew it might hurt me or cause trouble, why would he do that? If he didn't want to be friends, why would he do that? Would it not be better just to keep someone blocked to be kind? I have another ex that I will not ever unblock from FB because I don't want to be friends but more importantly I don't want to provoke any emotions.


Everybody doesn't think and behave the way that you do. People have different values, and that's probably why it didn't work out between you two in the first place.

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It sounds to me like you almost needed to see that he is married to accept that it's over for good between you two.


Now you can work on really putting this behind you. We can't begin to guess why he unblocked you, and really, what difference would it make? He's married now and he's not coming back. So even if he did do it to stick it to you, that doesn't change anything. It still means you're upset and he's still someone else's husband.


Look at this as your closure and confirmation that it's over and done.

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Really, regardless of the why or the how, only one thing matters. Having him unblocked on Facebook has hurt you. So block him and don't look again. Problem solved, because whether he intended to rub your face in it or not the result is still the same for you and still the same for him. Nothing has changed, so block him and the problem is solved.


You can then focus your attention on healing and moving on, which yeah I know it hurts like hell when they do it before you do. But it is what it is, this show is done, so it's time to call it a day and make sure his Facebook isn't ruining your day.


And that you can control.

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