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Should I be cautious?


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I need some advice.


I've been in a toxic relationship with a girl, both of us in our mid 20s, for almost 2 years. We are in deep love, well I am for sure, and I am quite confident she loves me a lot as well. We ended our previous relationship which lasted for a year and a half. We got back together a month ago and started letting go of the jealousy, the over protectiveness, the point less arguments and so on. Even though I don't doubt she is in love with me, I get the feeling that she is very observant of her surroundings. She has some insecurities but dresses very appropriately. She constantly tells me that she doesn't see guys the way she sees me nor does she have any interest in any other guy. But she constantly says how guys in the room are watching her and shes looking down at her phone or looking away.


Shes the kind of girl who would walk onto a train for example, and scan around looking for guys staring at her. I guess it sort of gives her a confidence boost when a good looking guy notices her. When we are together I don't catch her looking around and her attention is mainly on me, but I can tell that she is aware of the people around us. Her behaviour changes according to our atmosphere. For example when a decent looking man walks in, she becomes more talkative and louder, but maintains eye contact with me. Once in a café, she said some guy blew a kiss at her and so I had to get a little aggressive with him (didn't want to do that, as I use to be one of those guys to blow kissed to girls lol). Should I be cautious of her? I do love her deeply but it upsets me that shes like this.


Get back to me please guys, help much appreciated!

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