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Wierd/dumb social situation.


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I am trying to unravel if these kind of actions/reactions are now normal.


A close acquaintance of mine (about 15 years) mentioned, both on generally on social media and when we ran into each other at a local festival, that she has turned down the repeated advances of a married man. OK nothing new under the sun there. I promptly called the guy a loser ( and nothing more) but everyone else was praising her for self control and a few lashed out at me.


What on Earth? Is this the new normal, to praise a woman for not fooling around while dismissing the man for trying to cheat? Seriously? Are non-promiscuous women worthy of praise for not jumping at the chance to cheat? And jerks trying to cheat defensible, because it's considered a coping mechanism? Have I fallen into a parallel dimension?


not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but disturbing to think this could be a normal reaction.

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