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  1. https://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/7122/Dad-Pranks-Daughter-With-Epic-039-Dad-Joke-039-Disguised-As-A-Magic-Trick
  2. "You've gained weight" could be factually honest, but it's pointless. What does he want, a prize for being perceptive? The other statements are not honest at all; they're simply personal judgments. Honest versions of those would be like "I think you should dress better" or "I think you should use makeup". The person who only says "You need to ..." is not an honest person. He's a jerk and moreover a coward for not taking responsibility for his own personal opinions. If he values honesty he must hate himself.
  3. I understand your sensitivity, sounds like an uncomfortable situation to be in even if you're there to do your job. If you want to be friends with them (which can have its merits and its risks) why not invite them out to something. Or invite them out to lunch, choosing the place yourself. Maybe they'll respond in kind. You probably have a good idea of their interests since they talk about them all the time. Invite them out to something like that with you and maybe your own friends, and see what happens. If they still act like jerks after that, then you know they're mean girls and then you ignore them and focus on your own life.
  4. There's also a book of mnemonics to help you remember the meanings of vocabulary words. I forgot the title. But for example, "Attenuate" means "to get thinner" and their mnemonic was "I worried you'd attenuate, but then you ate". Corny (and really it refers to things like streams and airflow, not people), but I still remember the mnemonic years later. You could probably google vocabulary mnemonics for more examples. Even if you only have mnemonics for 20 particular words, that helps. It's 20 more than you had before. Good luck!
  5. Hey there, When I took the SAT's and GRE's, I started out with so-so grades and got better by using a study manual. A few tips: 1. On reading comprehension questions (assuming they still have those): As you read them, circle every time you see the word "but" or "however". They like to ask questions about sentences with those words, hoping you missed the word "but" and didn't notice the change in attitude. 2. In a section that contains 10 vocabulary questions, the first few questions are easy, the last few questions are hard. On easy questions, the answer you think is right IS right. On hard questions, the answer you think is right IS NOT right. 3. For vocabulary, I recommend making your own flashcards and studying those. You can base them off published flashcards, but you'll have an easier time understanding the definitions if YOU write the definition than if a dictionary writes the definition. Here's what I mean. The word is PARSIMONIOUS. The dictionary (or flashcard) says: "marked by frugality; sparing; restrained in spending money." This is wordy and hard to remember. Write your own flashcard and put the definition "HATES SPENDING MONEY". Something meaningful to you personally. 4. If the definition on the flashcard isn't clear, go to Google and search for sentences using the word parsimonious They'll give a few examples. Use those to help you write the definition in your own words. Arjumand's comment above was spot-on: They test the same particular "Favorite" vocabulary words over and over. I never use the word "Parsimonious" because it's an old-fashioned word that no one uses in real life anymore, but I still remember it from 20 years ago because it was on about half the sample SAT and GRE exams that I took. A list of a few hundred commonly tested words will help you a lot. Again, learn the definition then REWRITE the definition using your own wording, then memorize that. I think there were about 5 words that all meant "generous". You can combine those into one flashcard. It'll become clearer and more concrete to you when you get a study book or course that explains what you need to think about. Best of luck! P.S. I don't think there will be time to learn roots, prefixes, and suffixes by July or August. The Latin and Greek roots are valuable things to know about but I think we're looking at memorization here. The roots might help you go "oh, I see why it could mean this", but knowing them almost never allows you to guess the meaning of an unknown word from scratch. You'll be able to tell it has something to do with "water" but you won't know what.
  6. Two new convicts arrive at their shared prison cell. The first convict says, "How long is your sentence?" "21 years," says the second guy. The first guy says: "Mine's 22 years. You might as well take the bed near the door, since you're getting out first."
  7. The weather report says tomorrow will be muggy, followed by toogy, weggy and thurgy
  8. I don't remember seeing any Asian women do that, but I assume some do. I just mean when talking to a woman in general, not necessarily on a date. Sorry for getting off topic.
  9. Honestly, I find the opposite of this - women who hold their hand in front of their mouth with every word they speak during a meal, whether they're chewing or not, to be equally neurotic. I know I asked you a question, I'll assume the risk if I see a speck of food on your teeth! It's hard to find someone adaptable and balanced. Plus, with women on dates I'm lucky if I can coax them into eating anything at all. But that's another story.
  10. Just say would you mind not talking with your mouth full? Thanks, I appreciate it. There's no need for compliment sandwich; you're not managing a corporation and giving an employee negative feedback which must be communicated with the utmost of legal consideration in order to prevent retaliation. If he does it again the next time, say the same thing again: Would you mind not talking with your mouth full, thanks, I appreciate it. It's important to see how people deal with requests like this. So you might as well find out now. Certainly he's making a choice to talk with his mouth full; he knows inside that it's not good manners. As for the fork thing, I think it's over the top to complain about that. Everyone holds their fork differently. That's a quirk, not bad manners. Unless you meant he holds it by the tines and eats off the handle, LOL
  11. I know this doesn't answer your question, but can you use a pill cutter and take half the pill earlier and then the rest after you have more "certainty"? If you were wrong you only lost 1/2 the money. If you're right there should be less of a delay before the effect is complete. Also see if your urologist has free samples of the pills, some do.
  12. No she doesn't!!! She wants drama; she wants a "Sex And The City" lifestyle where she dates different guys every week and then obsesses about them; she finds something comforting in this, like drama = socially normal = something to talk about with her friends = part of what she think the 20's lifestyle should be. People who seek this lifestyle always seem to say they want a steady boyfriend or they want marriage, but they're nowhere near ready for it. Maybe a tiny part of them wants it, but it's like me saying I want to retire, even though I don't really want to retire and have no plans to for the next 20 years. So it's not about your assets as a man not being appreciated or noticed; she doesn't want that type of man at all. Not for another 10 years at least probably. She puts up with your flowers and everything only because the aspect of her dramatic lifestyle where she gets to obsess to someone and vent and blab about her dates is worth it despite all the unwanted romantic gestures you're giving her. But stop it! She clearly doesn't want them (as evidenced by "the door's right there" attitude) and she's wrong for you even if you didn't work together. And then, it's up to you if you want to be friends with her in the sense of having someone text you all night and ask you for favors like bumping into her on purpose, or if you think this is not the kind of friendship you want in which case just taper it off and restrict your interactions to professional only. Good luck.
  13. This, but try to find some less scripted way to say it, so it doesn't sound like you memorized it out of a book.
  14. It won't make you look mad! In fact, he'll probably be happy to see that you're capable of going a whole day without texting him. When dating it's important for things to be balanced, and each person sometimes to make the first contact. Each person needs to show the other that they are capable of making first contact and that they're capable of waiting for the other person to make contact; it's like a social contract. So please don't worry; you'll actually be building your relationship by waiting a couple of days before texting, rather than hurting it. I totally agree, the whole secret of relationships (and life) is to look interested without looking too interested. It's tough! Good luck.
  15. The very fact that you care makes you qualified for just about any job, IMHO You can get your spelling skills back, and it can be fun. If you type something wrong and Google says "No responses found for Dinnosor - searching for Dinosaur instead" - make a point of going back to the search box and typing in Dinosaur yourself, to help get used to it! Or if spell check highlights a word for you, don't just click "Change", actually retype the word yourself to get back in the habit. Don't worry, if you make a typo it'll stop you again. Good luck
  16. Annoying default bookmark names. I visit a site called, say, lamps.com, I decide to save it as a bookmark, and the name of the bookmark comes up "Get the Best Deals On Lamps | All Kinds Of Lamps | Win A Free Lamp | Lamps.Com | Your Outlet For Lamps | Lamps And More!!!" I'm constantly editing these stupid things down to just the name of the website. And editing them is annoying on a cell phone, btw.
  17. Hey donkeypickle, I think ultimately you're going to have to make one of two choice: Either (A) Decide that there's something wrong with her, and resolve to accept and live with it, or (B) Decide there's nothing wrong with her, and reject the behavior. Don't use "fake meeting times". If a show starts at 8pm, agree to meet for dinner at 6pm. Pick a place that doesn't require reservations. If she doesn't show up, at least you don't miss the show. Also, never leave your house to go meet her until you receive confirmation from her that she has left her house and is on the way. Insist on this, and inform her in advance every time you plan to meet.
  18. Seeing a word misspelled so many times that when someone spells it correctly, it looks wrong to me
  19. Front-loaded sandwiches. You know, it looks overstuffed and delicious, but after you buy it you realize all the meat is in the center and the whole back of the sandwich is empty.
  20. People who think they're superior because they use NetFlix or other streaming video service instead of cable TV. Fundamentally, you're still sitting around watching something. So I don't happen to like miniseries and movies; I like history documentaries, science documentaries, informational shows about my city and cultural events, baseball, Bill Maher, and sitcom reruns. It's not like you're being productive while I'm being lazy. You're just as lazy as me, but with a different medium. Stop bragging.
  21. Price tags on gifts that don't peel off smoothly
  22. Hey Batya, tell us more about these singles resorts? I haven't heard about that but it sounds like something interesting. Like the OP, I would love to travel but I have no one to go with, and, while I know I might have a good time alone, something is stopping me from planning a trip by myself. I guess I'm just not looking forward to it, even though, probably once I'm there I'd be okay.
  23. Just got this idea for a fiction book. It would be nothing but a list of all the opening messages that the main character, a man, has sent to different women over a 33-year period on a (fictitious) online dating site. No responses are printed (after all; there are never any; this is online dating The main character has, in fact, begun to use these messages as a sort of anonymous journal with very short entries. But each one is addressed to someone's username and makes references to something in her profile (thereby providing some humorous references to the kinds of things people on online dating sites tend to write in their profiles), and ends with a "confident" ending like "Write me back! Look forward to hearing from you." As the book progresses, the guy goes through different "phases" as to the kinds of messages he writes. Sometimes he goes through negative phases and writes insulting messages to people over a period of several weeks. Sometimes he flips the other way and tries to "win them over with kindness". He's always sort of trying to elicit a response, but at the same time knows it will never come and lets loose with the occasional deep personal tidbit. As he tries to be "spontaneous" in his messages, he will naturally mention various things presently going on in his life. The reader can learn about his backstory, interests, family events, triumphs and tragedies; etc. You will see him go through personal phases, life phases and changes of interests. For example, at one point you will realize that he has caught a serious disease, because he starts to include a sentence in all his messages like "In the spirit of honesty, I should inform you that I have cancer, but my doctor believes there is a likely chance that I can beat this. Here's hoping". In future messages you will find out the progression and end result of his struggle against the disease. Of course, over a 33-year period, there will be many changes to the dating website itself: new features, new search mechanisms, some of which he likes and some which he doesn't. You'll find out about them by reading his messages (e.g. "Please respond via email; I have an older computer which does not work with this site's brainwave thing - and I don't think that's real communication anyway.") - or something more realistic. What do you think?
  24. Um... I'd replace "CASE AVAILABLE" with "CASE ELSE" and an inline comment saying this should never happen
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