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He broke no contact - 3 weeks

Keeping Sane

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Just a recap: We said our "goodbyes" after New Years Day weekend.


We went no contact....until today.


He initiated it by texting, "Hello, I never hung out with anyone else. Just been by myself."


Now mind you, after going our separate ways, I was devastated. Lost interest in doing many things but forced to stay strong for myself. And glad to say, I was doing "okay/fine" on week 2 and even went into the "acceptance" stage of why things ended up to be.


I still have feelings for him and so we made small talk over text. He even asked if I was "hanging out with other guys."


But hearing from him brought up a lot of bad memories and reminded me of the crappy feeling he left me. Yet a part of me was happy to hear from him.


I know it's pretty bad to ask since no one is in my situation but it's got me thinking. What do I do from here? What should I expect? Is he coming around again?


It's brought me back to square 2 again - Denial.


By the way- thanks guys for advising me not to write and give the letter and book back. Looks like he caved in first!

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"Looks like he caved first" that comment sais to me that you are going to try again with him. Good luck

Is it wrong to say that I don't know what I want? I'm still pretty hurt that he left and didn't apologize for anything. I'm starting to realize that I shouldn't be accepting scraps. Maybe I'll just ride it out and see how it goes...again.

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This means he has been thinking about you and Is wondering if you have moved on. If you are looking to reconcile, keep things light and let him lead the way. He will eventually let you know how he is feeling about everything and if he wants to try again. If you are ready to close the door, politely let him go.


Let us know how things go.


Good luck!

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Sometimes a break can change things. My BF and I had a break, albeit short, then we got back together, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. We had issues and struggles, but we love each other and got through it. Now, I don't want to say either way if its a good idea you give this another shot (as I don't know the back story). I guess it boils down to what problems you had that lead up to the break up, and can they be fixed? And, is he worth it? Does he bring enough to the table for you to want to take him back (if indeed he is interested). Or, is there someone else out there who is more compatible with you and wants what you want? Just some things to think about. I know with my break up I felt in my heart I would never find a more sweet, loving and kind man - and I would regret the break up forever. Sounds dramatic but after struggling in the dating scene, I kind of know what is out there. Anyway, good luck. Think about your heart, but don't forget about your head (be sensible too.)

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Sorry to hear this. This is why the block and delete button are your two best friends after a breakup. Exes do not make good friends, as you can see, for this reason.


It would be best to ignore these hookup feelers and hints. He's not reconciling, otherwise you would know that. He's basically horny after a few weeks, so figured he'd play some games to see what you would do.

He initiated it by texting, "Hello, I never hung out with anyone else. Just been by myself."

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" I brought up the topic. He got extremely frustrated and yelled at me saying how we has been lied to in the past by exgirlfriends, how they all gave him mounds of trouble, and how his own mother cheated on his father, to which caused him lots of insecurity, trust issues, and anxiety. I started to cry. For one, I'm not his ex and to treat me like I'm going to do the same hurt me. Two, if he didn't want a relationship then he shouldn't have strung me along all this time. Three, everything he said crushed me."


This guy never made any commitment, in a year's time. He has a lot of issues that have not changed. Why would you sign up for this, again?


Go NC. Find someone who wants a future.


Block him!

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