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My Shay has Horner's Syndrome


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As you can see his two eyes are not the same . His internal lid is coming up over his eye . Apparently he had ear infections for a bit that was not noticed and that can cause sympathetic nerve damage which causes Horner's Syndrome. The vet said it's not painful and he should be back to normal in about eight weeks . It is hard to look at him now poor boy. He has eardrops to clear up the ear infections because he's not walking that great and sometimes falls over .

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Oh he's a handsome one. The vet is right, with the correct treatment it'll clear up. I've had two different fosters with that issue before, so it does clear up. You're a good cat mom. And nope, they will not show they're sick until it's really serious. I've had to get really attuned to the fosters and strays I care for as well as my own, because cats will often not show they're sick. At all.



Anyways, tell him speedy recovery from Paris and lots of the kind of petties he enjoys and he'll be fine before you know it. Cats also heal amazingly quickly once the right issue is spotted.

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An exciting UPDATE:


His eye has almost returned to normal!!! It started returning to normal this afternoon after a few days like this. Obviously we have to continue with his antibiotic eardrops but I'm so excited that he looks much better and it looks like he's feeling much happier and more chipper.

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