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Does first love mean anything

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My ex broke up with me then sent me a long email the end said she couldnt see the future as vivid as she once could with me. Goodbye for now. Im just confused as to what this means. I was her first love her first sexual partner. For me theres a bond there so im not angry at her. I am leaving her alone giving her space and for me thats fine. I think i will probably think her from time to time and im ok with that. I know im her first love so does she think of me? To me its likes its been left open.

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First loves are a nice memory. But almost no one ends up with their first love. I can barely remember what mine looked like anymore.


Goodbye for now is just a dumper trying not to be harsh. Or worse, one that wants to keep you on a string.

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why would she delete me off everything apart from facebook and instagram?


Trying to decipher an exes motives will drive you insane. All YOU need to know is she dumped you. So move on with your life as if she isn't coming back. If she ever contacts you again, decide what you want to do then. But for now, this is over and you really should stop following her on social media.

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First love is about as significant as your first car, your first job, your first day in junior high, high school, college, and any other big milestone "first" thing you can think of.


And it lasts just about as often as any of those firsts do. Having only one love for the rest of your entire life from the get-go is a rarity. I think it maybe used to be less rare in times past simply because there were fewer people around in general and less of a pool of people to meet and be with. Particularly for those who lived in rural areas, it's not like they had a ton of choices or were busy doing anything but trying not to freeze or burn or starve to death or not be attacked by wild animals or other humans out to get them. (Our ancestors, even 100 years ago went through some pretty awful stuff we would not survive today.)


So no, I would say most first loves don't last and it's probably a good thing. You both grow and mature and change as life experiences get added and you move on.


This is not to say it's always a bad thing either to stay with a first love OR to not stay with a first love either, but it is sort of the way life now is. The harsh truth is often times you look back on the first love and realize you wouldn't even recognize or perhaps even like them and vice versa when you get ten years down the road.


Also every person you love and have love with brings something to the table and gives you life lessons. As to her leaving it open that's because people often try to leave something known in place to run back to, not yet recognizing that that's usually the wrong thing to do for both of you unless massive as in years of time have passed.


Let her go, refuse to be her fallback person if what she's looking for doesn't pan out, move forward with your life. It hurts, but so did taking your first steps and falling and yet you still got back up and carried on. As you will do here.

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This is what I hear from her.. blah blah blah blah.. Sounds like a young girl being deep in thought and all its doing is confusing you. Quit trying to decode every word and just accept. You two are not together so it doesnt matter what she says, it matters what she does and she is not doing anything to get back with you.

Oh, by the way.. being first doesnt mean being the best. Dont hang on to the "first love... " stuff because by next year, it wont matter.

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