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  1. I would still stenuously advise you not to get involved. It will bite you in the arse.
  2. Not buying the sexsomniac thing. Hes just faking being asleep to try and get some.
  3. Id offer you the same advice as the last time you posted this.
  4. Stay out of it. No good can come from being involved.
  5. I think in one sense you are the problem in that you keep choosing potential mates who are inappropriate and then accept bad treatment from them instead of ending it more quickly. Might be self esteem issues stemming from childhood. I do think counseling might help.
  6. I don't know. Everyone has a past and if you edit out all the stuff you did with someone it might leave you with little to say.
  7. At this stage id tell him the truth and have it out. Otherwise it will continueto bug you and it will fester in your mind.
  8. Nope. Even reading the other threads i was confused. OP not to be crass but you need to explain yourself more clearly in order to get some input from people
  9. Yeah thats a little cheesy. Doesnt sound like much of a relationship. From what you write it seems like a good idea to end it.
  10. Same way you get over any break. Go nc, try and stay busy and understand it takes time to heal.
  11. You broke up with him two years ago. TWO YEARS. Hes not your good buddy and friend for life just because you bumped uglies with him. Its time to work on totally letting go of this. Seems like a bit of an unhealthy obsession
  12. Realistically how long before you can be in the same place permanently? Because long distance rarely works without an end date thats not too far in the future.
  13. My question to you and your mother. He's been physically abusing your grandmother for years and you've done nothing. Why is that? Call the police for crying out loud.
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