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  1. Tough to fix a broken relationship. You dumped her and broke her trust. It seems like she knows she can get you back anytime so shes put you up on a shelf while she sees what else is out there. I wouldnt wait around for her. Id tell her that while you do love her and realized your mistake, you cant sit around waiting for her to make up her mind. Then if she doesnt want to try you shut the door and move on.
  2. Kid, I'm 55. You're 17. I have three children much older than you. I can call you son if you want but I'm sorry you aren't an equal. The advice I would give my own son(other than this will end in disaster) is not to wait till the end of August to get to know her better. You will be firmly in the friend zone at best(if she views you as anything other than just a client). I'm not sure how badly off your leg is but when I broke mine I could still get around on crutches. Usually (but not always) the window of attraction is fairly limited with something like this. So strike while the iron is
  3. Kid, there ain't no way this is happening for you. But you aren't going to believe that. So just ask her out. Any more chatting her up is useless at this point because believe me when I say, she knew if she was interested in you after your first session. So go for it. Because in dating, there is only a small window of opportunity before the window closes. Wait too long, and the interest dies.
  4. Ahhhh, good old porn addiction. Well, for one thing, according to most medical professionals it doesn't exist. There are no porn addicts. It's a made up thing. It's not included in the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That's the modern day bible of psychiatry and includes all recognised mental conditions. If you search the literature long and hard enough you'll find some outliers from that opinion. But their research is in it's initial stages and hasn't been substantiated yet. The accepted opinion is that there are no porn addicts, just some people wh
  5. All I can say is that if that you better look like Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights if you're going to overcome your obvious handicaps. Girls that age seldom want to date children.
  6. Your ex doesn't come back because of raw desire, it's because they miss what you had together. If all that's bringing them back is some raw animal instinct, well prepare to say goodbye again in a few months. But chasing someone who has said they want to leave never does any good. You have to accept it and move on as if they are never coming back. If they realise their mistake, they'll contact you. You decide if it's worth restarting then. And if you don't think love lasts I feel sorry for you. In healthy stable relationships it does. It lasts a lifetime. Raw passion may fade but that tu
  7. All I can go by is my personal experience. I have been in three major relationships in my life, each lasting a decade or more. The first two weren't stable as there were always doubts creeping in about whether we were going to make it. They ended. The third relationship it's not even a thought. We're together and that's it. No doubts, no problems, we're secure and happy together. The only thing we're really afraid of is who dies first. That to me is a healthy relationship. Take it for what it's worth.
  8. The relationship is over and done. This is just breadcrumbs. It's typical after people break up. But you're placing way too much importance on it. Answer it or don't the result will be the same. You're still done. I know right now you're hoping for a miracle but it's not coming. If she was ever really interested again it would be months if not longer down the road. So put this to bed. Respond or don't. Just realise it WON'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  9. Sorry but age of consent in all US states is between 16 and 18. And it's her that's having sex with a minor, not you. Anyway I think you're reading more into this than is there.
  10. You're 17, she's in her twenties. That's called statutory rape. Good luck with dating her.
  11. Well, that all depends. Are you being exclusive while on this supposed break? Or can you see other people? I know what he says about other girls, but it might be best to clarify that point. He says to give him time. How much time? Might be best to clarify that as well. Because this looks an awful lot like FWB at best and him just using you when he wants to at worst.
  12. Without knowing more I'd simply say, you back your wife and cut loose your sisters.
  13. Kind of sad that I can't tell if you're talking about the current or past girlfriend
  14. Firstly, people who try and diagnose their ex as this, that are the other thing are playing a fools game. It takes trained and skilled professionals to make that kind of assessment. Secondly, I don't know any women that would take kindly to being sent relationship self help books after a relationship failed. All of this reeks of you trying to somehow embarrass her. Try and be bigger than that. You'll just end up looking like a fool.
  15. He pressured you for sex, couldn't get it, and came up with excuses about why it wasn't working. Not a great guy. You are better off without him.
  16. Yes, you should come clean to your girlfriend about your doubts. It will likely end the relationship but it's the right thing to do. It takes courage to do that as it will hurt both you and her but it's still the right thing to do. And yes, you should get counseling. And you must be unfamiliar with counseling if you think they'll medicate your memories away. Doesn't work that way. It's telling that you say "She isnt a fantasy. She is part of my life. A large part." Because that really should have been in the past tense. I sincerely wish you luck with this obsession. I hope you get c
  17. She didn't want you for you. She wanted you for a fling. she's not some helpless thing who suddenly rediscovered her morality and left, she got bored with the game. You sound like every middle aged cliché I've ever heard of. You got sucked in by a fling with a young woman and expected it to mean something. It didn't. And now you're left cradling your wounded ego and slinking back to your wife. If you want to try and save your marriage get professional counseling. It's too far gone to save without outside assistance. And if you can come up with an excuse not to go, well you have your answer
  18. I have been left by someone I truly loved. I stayed single for three years. I got her out of my system before I dated again. Because that's what you do. You don't rope in someone else just to fill a void if you can't commit to them fully.
  19. I don't think you get it. If your fantasy high school girlfriend told you she loved you and wanted to make a life with you, you'd drop your current girlfriend in a flash. For the last time that's not love. That's using someone as a placeholder. She's just there to fill a space because you can't be with the one you want. I say this not to be mean but you really need counseling. I am not a psychologist but these issues seem deeply seated and seem like they'd need to be explored professionally.
  20. If you feel this way then no, you're not really in love with your current girlfriend. She's your fallback position. She's not the one you really want but she's the one you have. That's kinda pitiful for her. I'm sure she'd leave if she knew she was a consolation prize.
  21. He's just not that into you. Let it go.
  22. I always love guys who come on here and slag their partner as an excuse to have an affair. Regardless, you had a fling at work and she got bored of you. It happens. Deal with it.
  23. Yes, this is you being a fool. And yes, it's weird that you'd trust a confirmed adulterer. But that Ok, because He'll never cheat on you right. He's an upstanding citizen.
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