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Major pillock moment! Help!


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So a couple weeks back I got off with a blondie on a club night. My game was tight and she was asking if we could meet up the following Saturday.

She handed be her number and asked for mine.


She sent me a text at 3:30am the same night asking "Hey where are you?! Xx".


For some reason I didn't answer.


I guess I was embarrassed at how I had acted with her, or maybe because I couldn't remember her face. She's hot, I was a mug.


Is it far too late to get in contact?

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Lost in the cloud?

Don't worry about it, this can still be turned around. Just simply message her back about "how much of a coward you are" and that you feel "so underserving" for her. Lol

Tell her your phone broke and you had to ship it off for a replacement, and that you were going crazy trying to get in contact with her, and hope to be forgiven. Also tell her that you will do everything in my power to make it up.

Yeah, it sounds fare-fetch, but it's still believable.

Good luck with your troubles.

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