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  1. And that's when it is time to be free, so you can let yourself explore whatever it is that your feeling. Is it easy to do? No, it is scary. That's what happens when you make a choice. They have ramifications.
  2. I understand, Joyce. That was the way my exgirlfriend was. One day, it is I can't stand to be away from you and the next day is I am done and gone and falling off the face of the earth. Is there a why? None, except the one you decide upon. Does it suck? Absolutely. It is okay to miss them and still love them. I accept it about mine still after nine months. Nothing wrong with you, you are simply acknowledging how you feel! It is a gradual process of letting go. It took me 6 months to delete a voice mail from my ex. It is okay, as you are ready. It is your perception that matters. If yo
  3. Lacey, That is a difficult question to answer. I have been thinking about that a lot, lately. I have had relationships based on physical attraction and ones based on compability. Each lacked in different areas. Where I am at is I don't want to settle. I want it all. It is difficult to understand. I am starting to see it is okay to have rule breakers. Not all relationships are meant to succeed. I will tell, I couldn't live without hot sex maybe that is me! You have to do lots of soul searching and figure out what you want to do. You may need to take a break from your relationship to fig
  4. You do your job and wait for an opportune moment to pound back. They always do something stupid, as they think the world revolves around them!
  5. I understand the challenge. Passion is something I look for with someone. But, is passion enough? You description of your "passion" relationship sounds like the one I had. The sex is amazing and nothing else. Even though you want more. There is no wrong answer here only what you choose. I would tell you dump them both, as neither are giving you want you need.
  6. Facebook is evil. Get off social media and stop internet stalking exboyfriend. Don't do crazy exgirlfriend. Things that are posted are often not how they really are. You never said, but I assume he is the dumper. They already have digested the breakup over several weeks, so much better prepared to start moving on, as they are down the path! You have to do the hard thing. The thing you don't want to do: let go. You don't have to do it all at once. Gradual. But this will drive you nuts if you don't. Be good to you. Keep busy with friends, family, hobbies, and work! Don't let yourself dwell
  7. She isn't that into you. Move on. And 11 days doesn't count as a break up. Just didn't work. Let go.
  8. They are an ex for a reason. They will move on, find other interests, and even leave the area. Are you not ready to accept the end of the relationship?
  9. Whenever I read something that says am I this...it is always a yes! You are obsessed! Stop! Let go! Or, move to Utah! The new version of Three's Company! Are you Chrissy or Janet ?
  10. You can take a few days and figure it out. Just have a conversation and say this is over and you have x number of days to get out. You rest you can divide up, but in the end sanity is my choice. I can always get more stuff!
  11. Bullies always show their true colors. I find ways to let them hang themselves.
  12. Okay. So, you pay for everything for him. And give him sex. And pay for his comic books. And you feel like you are the bad one? Can I sign up for this deal? I will kiss you after and thank you! This sounds like a great deal, especially if you are cute
  13. You do what you do with all bullies- punch them in the nose! Push back and never let them steam roll,over you!
  14. Drop the friend. A friend had the same thing happen to her. Her ex ran in same social circle and started dating, but she just couldn't get away. She has struggled immensely trying to deal with breadcrumbs and mind games. Don't do that. Be stronger and find new friends! Learn for her example. It only offers more pain!
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