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  1. I was just about to remark on that Wolf. "They met when they were 15 and 17 and married probably way too early (when they were 23.) " Exactly. You are admirable, have a good head on your shoulders, and may I wish you a happy birthday and much luck and success in the future. I can understand you must feel, as if you are watching a train out of control heading for a wreck, and although thte brakes are there, the person does not wish to apply those brakes.
  2. "But the road he is taking now will have him end up in a small apartment with no friends, no respect and not a lot of money. " And I would bet good money his new situation will not last. I can think offhand of several very similar situations in 3D I know of. All ended disastrously and destructively. One acquaintance, in his mid-fifties, loving wife (very attractive), took up with a 58 yo separated woman with three adult children, nothing special, rather dowdy creature. Everyone thought he had gone stone mad, and he probably had. She got every dime she could out of him, even a p
  3. Listen Wolf. It is very wrong of your parents to put all this on your shoulders. You need to be upfront and tell them that. Tell them they need to talk with an objective third party (not you). It is most unfair. Tell him you DO NOT want to hear about this other woman. Don't even enter into any argument with your father. He is an adult and this is his situation. At the moment your father is blinded, sure he may lose money, and all he has. But nothing is going to stop him on this downhill slide. What dancingF said "In fact, the biggest mistake they made is the facade they mai
  4. "......he had changed when he had his second heart attack two years ago. A doctor told him that he had way too much stress in his life and that he should think of himself more to avoid a third one" Some people take drastic action when they get that kind of news. It happens.
  5. OP: "I’m in my mid-twenties and I had a wonderful (atleast that’s what I always considered) childhood. Both my parents were always there for me and they helped me where ever they could. I always thought of my father as a great and wise man. He made me laugh, cheered me up when I was sad and always had great advice for me and others. He sacrificed a lot to keep the family happy. Me and my sister always came first." Thing is, OP, you are now an adult, and if I were you I'd keep out of this situation. You are not a marriage counsellor or therapist. People disappoint us, and often. Bu
  6. For you, Sportser. Enrique & Guillermo De Fazio. Brothers!
  7. "It's just she has a quick-temper and is sensitive." You find this kind of person interesting?
  8. Don't know Zeino. "Do women get hurt more easily than men? One thing is for sure, they certainly ask dafter questions sometimes lol. And sure, which is what the article propounds, one can tell the truth in a kindly and diplomatic fashion. Not everyone has diplomatic skills though! White lies? I fear we all probably tell them. Just now I recall a relative of ours who called (I was visiting with my mother at the time), and she had on this dress, the type you'd need to grab your sunglasses to look at. She wanted to know how she looked. What could we say!!! The dress was awful,
  9. ttps 3027541/why-all-your-little-white-lies-arent-as-harmless-as-you-think Harris believes you should never tell a lie—not even the "white" ones we use to spare others discomfort. "They tend to be the only lies that good people tell, while imagining that they are being good in the process," he says. People often tell white lies to avoid sharing truths that feel awkward. For example, your wife might ask how you think she looks in her new outfit or your coworker might ask your thoughts on an idea. You don’t have to volunteer every negative thought you have, says Harris, but when you’re as
  10. What Wiseman said: "Oh my! No. She's not looking for advice if she got offended. She's one of those types that uses the "does this make me look fat?" type rhetorical questions to hear "You are perfect the way you are". Yes, it's convoluted but that's how some of these types operate. They pose a question not hoping for a logical solution, but hoping for a specific reassuring response." Sigh! Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies......
  11. Lovely couple, J.Man. Although I'd almost take you for brother and sister. L. Also, J.Man. You look soooo young!
  12. Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them : When Loving Hurts and You Don't Know Why By Susan Forward, "They denigrate their partners, resent them if they have any outside interests, and become furious for trivial reasons. Women with low self-esteem are drawn to these men because they can also be charming and devoted. Forward devotes the first half of the book to an analysis of the problem, the second half to breaking the pattern and getting outside help. "
  13. Absolutely, UnR. "And honestly, I don't think it's right to talk to girlfriends about your boyfriend's "private time," especially if he has ANY dealings with them." I agree. It is sleazy and disloyal to a point.
  14. LittleL. this belongs in the realm of sci-fi. "but also just felt like we were brought together by some strange force." "everything feels so intense, like some tangible force is at work". And there is no such thing as a soulmate. I need to hear something to snap me out of this Here it is: " I care about him (John) deeply, am attracted to him, enjoy his company, and we have similar interests. We have battled through down times, as any couple would, but we get along wonderfully and love doing things together."
  15. Yeh. Once the pose becomes gynaecological, well, same ole same ole.
  16. Fully agree. Rising. Eroticism and porn are totally different. I love those paintings too. and they are erotic.
  17. Porn has been around a long while. "Shunga" Japanese erotic art. It was a custom to give the bride and groom a shunga picture or a few..... Shunga prints were enjoyed by men and women of all classes. Superstitions and customs surrounding shunga suggest this to us as it was considered a lucky charm against death for a Samurai to carry shunga (hence the postcard size of some of the prints) and it was considered a protection against fire in merchant warehouses and the home. From this we can deduce that samurai, Chonin (social class containing merchants and the like) and even housewiv
  18. XOR. Probably no reasons behind their (the GFs) thinking, or none that they would be able to express coherently. They sound awfully immature, IMO. Or, as you said yourself "kinda weird". Maybe they are very insecure in themselves. One way or the other, do you really care what they think?
  19. "Also, why would girls be so against it?" Not all girls, XOR. In 3D it is always best, IMO, to form your own opinion and judgement on such issues. After all, now try to imagine your BF comes down the street, your GFs are there, nudging and giggling: "Look, that's the geezer who's always wanking himself into a trance on the porn sites". "They were seriously appalled. Kinda weird"
  20. Once more, with feeling. I sometimes discuss matters relating to sex (generally) with friends, and yes, sometimes health matters. Nothing is taboo. But my privacy and my private life, yes, I have good boundaries where that is concerned. But then we generally have more interesting things to talk about than what I get up to with my husband or how my monthlies are shaping up. LOL.
  21. Oh, there-s a difference all right, Qwas. Here there is anonymity, and people are, so to speak, consulting for viewpoints. I talk about a lot of things with friends, and, sex in general, sometimes. But my private life is my private life, and what I do or not with my husband is not for common knowledge.
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