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  1. No! The point is that you are trying to share the blame on someone that had no control over another persons actions. And what he attempted to do? Is a topical text book move on showing ones affection(which I personally wouldn't recommend). Of course i wasn't there nor do i know how everything planned out?(was there alcohol involved or was he being led on?). But don't use your disadvantages as a excuse to say "this is your fault" because at the end? The guy eventually got the clue and stopped! Because if he didn't? It could've ended far worse than a bad date. It sucks that this happened to you
  2. Sounds like you need to take a break or stop relying on each other over details, actions, and thoughts. Spending time away will help you to realize on ones worth? Stress is normal in a relationship, but for it to constantly cause judgement on one another? Is a clear sign to ether find help or try to grow apart to figure out what kind of future you see yourself in?
  3. When you said, Is exactly what you did also, as well as your friend too? "Nothing" Don't rely on people that you beryl met or assume common sense! So don't share the blame on something that can be handled independently. The date was going smooth to the point of where the 2 party's can go off and do their own thing?(so everyone was well acquainted). So when the guy tried to make a move on you? And "you" weren't having it by giving no play! Showed seeing eyes that you are handling the situation! So you really can't blame him for not butting in on his friend trying to make the "magic" happe
  4. Real talk? The majority of men/guys don't even want to double date. We just go along with it because we want to get closer to the girl we are seeing. Old boy just didn't care what was going on with you two(even though things were looking good, so he most likely assumed). His friend had one job, and that was to keep you occupied so that he can be alone with his girl. If you got a compliant? Then you take it up with the guy you were sit-up with. Because he just didn't want to hear it(and lied about it), and he is not responsible for someone else's actions(for any given time). I understand t
  5. It will be the same as before. She just sees you as a very trustworthy friend. Don't let it continue to cloud your thoughts of where the two of you stand? But life is about taking chances, so why not just ask her what her feelings are for you? Because you're confused by how the friendship started up again? If anything? Your friendship with her is very strong, so even if it goes sour again? I'm sure the two of you will look it over and go back to your old selfs again.
  6. I would reply to her with "next week" Lol 8-9 months later and everything is A-OK for her to try and meet up?... Really?! I wouldn't waste my time for her. And seeing that you haven't responded in 3days? Is telling her to give it up because it ain't happening. But if curiosity gets the best of you? Then why not. But let her go out her way of meeting you at your workplace after ending your shift. If she shows up? Then great, but if not? Then whatever, you go about your way.
  7. Wow! You are so much in-love. I don't think it's because he's still a virgin that's bothering you, but the fact of not knowing if you are going to be the one he wants to have that life changing connection with? So it is easy to understand that when there are times of being apart? You start to question his motives. But he said it himself by wanting to take things slow and truly knowing the "person"(you) he wants to give his heart too! But because of his lack of experience, he's being selfish without noticing it! You have your needs and you want him to show some consideration for them. So the
  8. Not interested in you, in that way. But who's not to say about the future? He's just being friendly with you because the two of you will be working with each other from time to time. I know that the majority of flirting involves questioning your bio? So it's normal to think that perhaps this person is trying to "feel me out" but under certain circumstances, it's just "breaking the ice" because he knows he's going to be around you for a ideal time. Your job allows tips! And he feels that it is not fair for a new hire to not cash in the benefits. So he "broke you off sum" of his earnings.(whi
  9. Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps this is exactly what you need? I'm sure your parents can tell how you're doing (although in complete denial) and out of "love" wanted to do something that may bring up your sprite. Instead of mopping about how low your self esteem is, go out of your comfort zone and do something life changing. We have worries? The poor think about the "day to day" and the rich think about "how to stay rich". You don't need a therapist to till you to stop overthinking things and stop being lazy! (Because that's exactly what you're doing?) you want to "improve yours
  10. She seems to be the type of when common curtesy doesn't happen, then she blows a fit over it in hopes that the next time you get it right! You shouldn't take her seriously, it's just a pet peeves that she has and needs to learn to get over it. If I were you, I would only reply back if it was something of importance. You don't live for her, you have your own life and worries to think about. If she continues to act out, then you should reply back with signs of disinterest by keeping it short & simple; hey, can't talk, sorry busy, maybe later, that's cool, ok, ex. She will get the hint and
  11. Well, it is what it is?... For now. It looks like it's headed that way. That's how he feels and doesn't see a future with you in it. But sometimes these things can actually help to make the relationship stronger. So confront the issue and see where he is going with it? He says that he loves you but not sure on how much? So most likely he needs to know about what's out their, and would he be able to embrace it or come running back? But this can also benefit you as well too! There's allot of soul searching that you can do, meet new faces and explore options that you wouldn't even have dreamed
  12. Don't force yourself because at the end? It will be at the back of your head when you're alone. Next time you see her, ask her if she thinks that things are progressing too fast? Then say what's bothering you even though it's a silly matter? And that you want to be truthful to her. But regardless? You shouldn't let this get to you in the first place. Your still in the dating faze.
  13. She most likely feels that things are progressing too fast, since she said that she's loosing concentration at work. So for her to come over to your place, well?... Making out can easily lead to intercourse, so she knows that she has to hold back a bit. Don't avoid her just because? Show her that you're committed to the decision of "taking it slow", so talk about how you truly feel of the matter and that perhaps you two should set some rules to truly know if what you have so far is what you truly want. Your still in the dating faze, so try to understand that it's only been a month and that t
  14. Why don't you just ask him out yourself? Women always say how independent they are, so here's your shot of showing how bold you are on life changing decisions. The only "red flag" here? Is that you gave out your most convenient contact, and he hasn't responded to it. That's questionable? And do you even have his? If not? Then you should've got the hint on how much dedication this relationship even has?! Don't answer for him and say he isn't interested just yet? Hit him up for an explanation? But real talk? Because it's a dating app, he's most likely talking to multiple people. So do the sam
  15. Looks to be that your getting led on? Stop thinking that what you have is exclusive. It's only been a month and some? So telling him that you needed some time, is like telling him to prepare for your plan B. And No! It's not just a guy thing? Women do it too! And more so(no offense). If your feeling like it's going nowhere? Then what do you have to lose by telling him how you feel from his actions! (It might open him up because he has some explaining to do). You want someone that wants to be dedicated to you and he's not showing nor trying to be that guy for you. Just telling you a bunch o
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