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What novels do you feel transtioned to the big screen the best?


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I have a big list but I'll only list ones I actually read, or really enjoyed.


For big screen, and two for small screen were:

Small screen-

Pride and Prejudice

and Emma.


For big screen:

Stephen King ones I loved:



and The Green Mile


Forrest Gump

The Princess Bride

The Silence Of the Lambs

The Notebook

A Walk to Remember

The Lovely Bones

Bridget Jones Diary

All Lord of the Rings... esp the Fellowship of the Ring

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Thanks for answering, savignon, hehe on Fifty Shades of grey.


You can list ones off that you feel you loved so much you wouldn't want to see a movie if they made it because you enjoyed the novel so much, I loved to read that list too.


I never read any of those you mentioned or seen the movies, puts them on a list for myself to check out this year.


I wanted to also add Babe, because I loved the movie but I never read the book same as Charlottes web.

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I don't know it at all * goes to google *
*sigh* the perils of being old!


There are very good lessons/observations in there (especially the book, which I reread recently) about listening to your instincts and what it means to love someone. When you're a young woman (I can't speak about being a young man), you can internalise a lot, especially pressure or opinions from your family, on how you're supposed to behave/think/what you should want, which can really mess you up.


If you really like fast paced movies/action films, the movie is very slow moving as it's an Edwardian drawing room/period film, so it's not to all tastes. In other words, unless he likes The Notebook, your boyfriend will find it boring.


This thread was done somewhere else, because I remember writing about the version of link removed with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds -- I thought that was a good adaptation of the book.

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To Kill a Mockingbird. Gregory Peck is the best.

The Hunger Games.

Romeo and Juliet (Leo DiCaprio).

V for Vendetta

Enders Game

Lord of the Rings

The Outsiders (inspired me for the car I have)

The Black Stallion


I second Princess Bride. Both the book and movie were good!

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I third Princess Bride and second Silence of the Lambs! And I actually like The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit better on the big screen, which is really weird for me!


I think The Langoliers was done well in movie form, except there's this thing with Stephen King's "monsters" in the movies - they always look cheesy! But forgiving that, the movie adaptation was good, I thought.


Fight Club was good, really good. And I thought they did a good job with "Choke", too.


HBO is doing a really good job with the Game of Thrones novels.

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I'd do a better job of naming books that I thought were soooooo good I would never see the movie because they couldn't possibly do it justice:

-Of Mice and Men

-DaVinci Code

-The Kite Runner

-Fifty Shades of Grey (kidding!!)


I sort of disagree on the Da Vinci Code. =( I felt like Tom Hanks was too old to play the character!

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I agree with Pride and Prejudice, Princess Bride, Fight Club and LOTR was fantastic--Fellowship was awesome. I thought Forest Gump the movie was actually better than the book. The BBC did an excellent job with the Gormenghast trilogy, and HBO is doing a really good job with GoT. I also thought Chocolate the movie was better than the book

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Gotta agree with Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins was just amazing as Hannibal Lecter.


I'm on the fence as far as LoTR. There were some bits I felt should've been incorporated (Tom Bombadil and Merry, anyone?) and places it was adapted and not quite true to the original. But on the plus side, the overall effect was stunning and very well put together, much better than I had anticipated. So overall, I was pretty pleased with it.

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So I am reading Les Miserables, I have seen the stage production years ago, and so the other day I watched the movie version made last year with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Wow this movie blew me away! I didn't realize that Hugh Jackman could sing! I have only seen him as Wolverine...lol. But ya, the performances by Hathaway and Jackman were outstanding, and very moving, great movie.

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@ happybear I never read Les Miserables but I did watch and enjoy the movie too.. I basically watched it for Hugh Jackman's performance I wasn't to impressed with Russell Crowe though, you?


@Iggles I enjoyed Fight Club ( movie) I didn't know until mentioned in the thread it was a book before a movie. I think Hunger Games to me is better than the Twilight books/movies I couldn't get into those at all.

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